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I want to complain


I want to complain

When I first got uverse my internet would go out all the time and for hours on end and since my tv needs the internet to work as well I wouldn't have tv access either. I would call customer service and get the machine and the first thing they would tell me is to use the internet to help solve my problem. How can I use the internet if that is what isn't working and is the reason for my call. Then I would be put on hold for God knows how long like I don't have anything better to do then wait for you to answer because your service is terrible. They finally sent me a new modem because the original was broken but of course the problems still continued. I finally was able to get a technician over and he "fixed" the problem but then my internet goes out again the same day it got fixed. For the amount I pay this should not be happening especially when it is a nice and sunny day out since the weather clearly isn't what is causing the problem. The problem is somewhere on your end and if it happens again I am leaving for comcast and will try my hardest to make sure no one I know ever buys your service. I go out of my way to let all my friends and family know to never ever buy your service that is how bad my experience has been with you.

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Re: I want to complain

Thank you for your post, mgartner18. It sounds like you've encountered some unnecessary difficulty in trying to resolve your issues, and for that I apologize. Please send us a Private Message with your full name, account number and contact information. We'll do our best to help. 

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