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I miss the old cable days.


I miss the old cable days.

As I watch National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on IFC I am reminded that IFC once stood for Independent Film Channel, or when Sundance Channel was a premium channel part of Showtime/TMC. Here is what else I miss:
Mtv played music
History had no reality shows
A&E stood for Arts & Entertainment not reality shows
Hln Headlines every 15 minutes
AMC showed classics, not infomercials
Disney Channel was a premium channel
BBC America showed british shows not Star Trek
Discovery was about scientific discovery
TLC stood for The Learning Channel not Cake Boss Channel
G4 was tech tv
Syfy was Scifi
Animal Planet was about animals not treehouses!

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Re: I miss the old cable days.

That Don Guy wrote:

I don't miss the "old" days of cable, when none of these channels existed - cable TV meant 12 channels, all of them OTA stations, and you changed channels by turning the knob on the VHF tuner.

He's talking about when the cable networks were good networks, when they used to provide the type of shows that would fit into their original mission.  He's not talking about the very early days of cable when there was nothing on and that cable was known for good reception only.

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