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I'm getting packet loss.


I'm getting packet loss.

I've run two trace routes, on two ip's for two servers one located in arizona, one located in las vegas. Theres a server node that it is hopping from just outside my area that has been coming up timed out when i'm having the packet loss, and when it comes up an IP i am fine.


This first picture is to the server in arizona..



The second picture is to Vegas.



I've narrowed it down to the third hit to be timed out. And when i've checked the ip online it comes back to 

ISP:AT&T Internet Services
Organization:SBC Internet Services


Is there anything i can do?

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Re: I'm getting packet loss.

And just to be clear I have U-Verse, but i couldn't post this to anything u-verse related.

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Re: I'm getting packet loss.

Your traceroutes look fine.  Please explain how you know you're experiencing "packet loss?"


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Re: I'm getting packet loss.

On the game server i'm getting extreme lag while still playable and i don't get disconnected, its still frustrating. I'm delayed when hop 3 is timed out, i'm fine when it goes through, those pictures of the traces are with in a few minutes of eachother, i've done probably about 30 65% of the time that same hop is timed out, the one to arizona theres a timed out at 13, my friends and I came to a conclusion that might be a firewall for the server we're connecting to as they get the same. I am the only one with this sort of lag out of 5 other people. Its not FPS lag. Its connection.


And currently I'm on a teamspeak server same area of hosting i'm at 6% packet loss to that teamspeak

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Re: I'm getting packet loss.

Try running some speed tests.. you will see your connection speed fluctuate and slow down drastically. 


I've had Uverse for about 2 years now, and for the past month or so i've been experiencing the same problem. Nothing was modified or changed on my side, so I'm assuming the problem is with AT&T's servers/routers.  Im also getting multiple "request timed outs" when I run tracert, and whois returns these ips as AT&T servers.


I was thinking it might be AT&T's DNS servers, but even it is we can't do anything about it since theres no option to change it in the gateway, at least not in mine.


Today an AT&T tech spent the whole afternoon doing everything he could from my end, but couldnt find the issue so he's going to escalate it.




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