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I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.


I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.

I was pretty excited when the AT&T sales rep came to my house and told me about U-Verse. You see, I am a Charter customer and I hate their service, their charges, and their overall attitude.


Now, I at first told the AT&T rep that I would not switch because my wife has this thing about her e-mail address and no amount of good service is worth the freaking grief I'd get if I changed services and then she lost her e-mail address.

The AT&T rep said, "No problem!" and explained that I could change my Charter account to e-mail only for $10/mo so my wife could keep her e-mail address, I'd get the U-Verse service, and everyone would be happy. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

The install went well and everything is working well, as far as I can tell. My problem began when I phoned Charter to cancel my TV and Internet and transition to an e-mail only account. Charter said they don't do that. In fact, they said that as soon as I cancel, all my wife's e-mails will be gone and she won't be able to log in anymore. They said that Charter Internet is required for e-mail.

So, I've never been happy with Charter, so my anger with them is nothing new. I did, however, become very angry with AT&T because they lied to me, deceiving me into signing up for U-Verse.

Now, I have U-Verse and Charter. I was able to cancel Charter TV, but I'm stuck with a $39.99/mo Internet bill because my wife can't do without her freaking Charter e-mail account.

I know for most people this isn't a problem. I've been using a 3rd party email provider for years just so I don't have disruptions when I change service providers. She's not like that for some reason. The point is this: I explained to AT&T why I wouldn't sign up for U-Verse. They lied to me by telling me that I could keep Charter e-mail for $10/mo. Now I'm stuck with two bills.


Now that I have SEVERE relationship issues as a result of AT&T's deceit, that's bad enough. I was deceived in another way too: The AT&T rep did NOT tell me about the data cap.

You see, he made it sound like U-Verse was better than Charter. I have never had Internet service that was capped, so I had no reason to think that I'd get capped with U-Verse. I just happened to find out by accident while searching online for people's opinions of U-Verse.

Of course, I have no idea as to how much data my household uses every month. I asked Charter and they said they don't keep track of that. In fact, 250 GB might be enough, but it might not. the $10 for each extra 50 GB seems expensive, however, so I'm bracing myself for a huge surprise when my bill comes.

This will piss off my wife even more.

I know what you're saying. You're saying, "You're stuck paying $40/mo for Charter Internet, which has no cap, so just use it to avoid the U-Verse cap." Now, that's an obvious solution, I suppose, but only makes sense if I use 200 GB of overage every month for a total of 450 GB or more. It just doesn't seem right.

SO, AT&T didn't lie to me about the data cap, but NOT telling me about it was clearly deceitful.

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Re: I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.

First thing is if you have Uverse internet and TV there are no caps.  I know the fine print says that but there are none.  Not at this point anyway.  Since your TV is IP based they have no way to really break out what's for TV and what's for internet usage.

As for the email address maybe one of the community managers will chime in and offer assistance.

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Re: I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.

Hi brucet,

We apologize for the inconveniences. First, we sincerely apologize for what that agent informed you of regarding your e-mail. When it comes to other services from other providers, they should not speak on behalf of the other service, because they may be wrong, as in this case, or even if they are right, they do not know the exact policies or even if it changes.

Also, to my knowledge, there is no cap on your internet at this moment. Also, the great part about the data cap when it is implemented is that we do not overcharge you immediately. We issue a few warning e-mails and even do not charge you for the first month you go over.

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.

Yeah, I understand AT&T rep shouldn't have gone out on a limb like that.

Good news about the absence of the data cap. OF course, I have chatted with a couple AT&T support reps who seem to think that it's in place now, so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

I'd say that AT&T would do the right (and moral) thing by eschewing the cap at all costs, even if I never hit it.

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Re: I got tricked into U-Verse, but it works OK so far.

I talked with an AT&T support rep who swore up and down that (1) the data cap is reality and (2) that my TV is NOT IP based.

Yes, I do have U-Verse TV and Internet.

Thanks for the reply.

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