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I am owed a refund of $1186.29. Can anyone actually help me?

I am owed a refund of $1186.29. Can anyone actually help me?

I have a land line account and a wireless account with AT&T.
In March/April of 2011, I decided to subscribe to AT&T's U-Verse high speed internet.  I had DSL through AT&T at that time.

The DSL was bundled and autopaid with my landline phone account.
The U-Verse was turned on, and was then bundled and autopaid with my wireless account.

The DSL was not disabled, as I was led to believe at the time.  I noticed 04-02-2014 when I was looking at my online banking site, that the landline charges were very high.  Turns out that they were still billing me for the DSL AND the U-Verse.

So, I have been double billed for both DSL (High Speed Internet) and U-Verse (also High Speed Internet) for 3 years.  According to the service reps I have spoke with, this was an over billing of $1,255.

I have spoken to them (AT&T) numerous times, and I am still being billed for the U-Verse and DSL(mutually exclusive services) and my refund / credit request has been rejected 4 times.
I do now have a credit on my account of $1186.29.  This is not acceptable, as I am unsure if I will continue to use AT&T for ANY of my communications needs in the future.  I require a reimbursement check to be sent out as soon as possible.

U-Verse account number is [Edited for privacy.] . (Bundled with my wireless account ***)
DSL is *** (Bundled with landline) This is the landline account number, I am not sure what the DSL account number is, if different.

You can reach me at my mobile, *** anytime, Day or Night.

I have contacted the FCC about this issue AGAIN.  They have given me a complaint number which is ***.
I have spoken with Cindy in Corporate who gave me a reference # which is REF ***, and Wendy (not sure which branch she was with, as I have spoken to everyone at AT&T, possibly including a janitor, I'm not sure) Who also gave me a reference number of REF  ***

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Re: I am owed a refund of $1186.29. Can anyone actually help me?

Hello @patrickrayryan 


I'm sorry to hear about your billing issues and all the frustration they've caused. Our team can definitely research your account and explore your options, please send us your information via private message by clicking here. Just to let you know, if you decide to discontinue your service, any credit you have on your account will be sent to you by check, minus the final bill, typically in about 60 days. I'm personalty not sure if the credit can be converted into a check otherwise, but that's what our Social Media Care team will be able to find out for you.


Thank you,


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