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This is a letter that I have been dreading to write for the past 5 months.  I want to make this very clear from the very start: I had no intention nor desire to EVER leave AT&T as a digital TV/internet/cell phone provider, until now.  Allow me to give you a little background.  My girlfriend and I are both young professionals in the healthcare and legal fields respectively.  She is 23 years of age and I am 27.  We live together and have had U-verse TV and internet as well as AT&T as a cell phone provider.  We thoroughly enjoyed the products your company sells and have used them religiously over the past 7 years (U-verse for 2 years).   Your service however has been subpar for the past 5 months and it is inexcusable.


During the month of February 2013, we moved from one house to another.  As anyone with U-verse, we scheduled a transfer of service and handled everything quite smoothly.  E-mails were exchanged with Calaundra as the contract was negotiated and finalized.  At the time, we were eligible for certain promotions that allowed us to have the U300 package along with your Max Plus internet for a total of $110 plus taxes. This was acceptable and we agreed.  HOWEVER, when we received our bill for the month of March, it was in excess of $170.  This was obviously incorrect as my bill for TV and Internet has NEVER been near this number.  I contacted AT&T to correct this problem and was told that my promotion had expired.  I think we both know that your company does not offer a promotion with a 30 day life span.  Once the account was reviewed, the amount was corrected and the bill was paid.  

Along comes the bill for April.  YET AGAIN, the bill was for MORE than $170! So once again, I took time out of my day to contact your company and correct the situation.  After review of the account, the bill was corrected and then paid.


Enter May. 


Same story.  Same process.  Now, I’m agitated.  Imagine drawing up a business contract for services to be provided and a price to be negotiated only when you receive the bill, a completely arbitrary and fictional number is presented and the only way to correct the problem on your company’s end is to waste more of my time navigating through the endless voice prompts and script ridden “Customer Service Specialists.”  At this point, I’m pretty much fed up.  This is my third call this year to correct the issue.  I made it VERY clear that this would be the last time I would forfeit my own time to assist in correcting your issues.  It also doesn’t help that as a faithful customer, I was enrolled in the Automatic Bill Pay option.  For the month of May, you guys took it upon yourself to take out $40 EXTRA from my bank account.  After this was reviewed and acknowledged, I was given a $40 credit to my account to offset the over payment to be credited to June’s Bill.


Just as expected, June’s bill comes in.  This time, it’s for $133.  I said to myself, “they’re trying… this month is only $15 over.” It wasn’t until I remembered the $40 credit and did the math that I realized that even after calling three times, you guys just could not get it right.  Once again, I wasted my time, and called.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the last three people I had spoken to during my March, April and May phone calls, but that is probably because they were helpful and understanding.  I can, HOWEVER remember CLEARLY the name of the LAST “Customer Service Specialists” I will ever speak to with your company.  On July 9, 2013 around 6:30PM, I called AGAIN and after trying to reach someone human despite the automated, super-sensitive and useless prompts, I was brought to “Kat”(The name is in quotes as I have yet to meet anyone name a misspelled animal.  I verified spelling.).  Now, I understand what it’s like to be new to a company or in training.  I understand that most corporations have policies and “scripts” to handle situations accordingly.  I also understand income and marketing, but we will discuss that later.  “Kat” did her best to read my bill to me as clear as she could, however she just didn’t seem to understand the problem.  So she read the bill again.  I explained my frustrations just one last time only to hear her ONCE AGAIN read the bill.  It really is not that difficult to review a file.  It’s really not that hard to look into an account’s past.  And it is extremely difficult to believe that a company, who advertises at the beginning of every call that they will be recording the conversation, cannot properly organize and catalogue phone calls, issues, and solutions, because if you had, “Kat” wouldn’t have to have had to read the boring text that is an AT&T bill three times over a span of 20 minutes. 


To take a little break and enlighten you as to an individual’s power over a business, let’s give you a clear mathematical example.  My U-verse and Internet bill was to be $110 per month before taxes.  Our cell phone bill is $180 per month.  If you add those together, that is $290(give or take a few cents, rounded for ease of explanation).  Now, $290 might seem small per month, but let’s look at the reality of the situation.  This means instead of AT&T getting $290 per month, Comcast and Sprint do.  Or for that matter $3,480 per year.  $34,800.00 per decade!!! And, to be reserved, let’s say I would’ve used AT&T for 50 years, that’s $174,000.00!!! For just two people!!! AMAZING! AMAZING that a corporation of your magnitude would be so willing to cancel a contract and lose that kind of money.  What is even more AMAZING is that with the power of social media and the internet, you would let someone leave with such a foul taste in their mouth over YOUR mistake. 


Now to move to marketing, as I said I would.  Let’s say my negative marketing, which there will be, effects 10 couples, only 10(And that’s reserved in a world where having thousands of friends on a networking site is beyond common), YOUR MINOR TECHNICAL ERRORS just cost your company 1.74 MILLION DOLLARS.  Intense, right?  A totally different view when you hear what is going on from a customer’s perspective. 


Now, since I’ve taken the time to do your job on 4 separate occasions, why stop now?  I will “OFFER” you (as your scripts so eloquently use the term) the ability to redeem yourselves. 


OPTION 1:  You LITERALLY have 24 hours to correct my bill and MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT FROM THIS POINT FORWARD.  I’m not looking for any handouts or “unwarranted discounts” (even though at this point I should be receiving a check as an employee and any applicable discounts). 


OPTION 2:  You remove ALL charges from my account inclusive of the current outstanding balance and the contract termination fee IN WRITING.  We cut our ties and then I’ll think of downplaying the amount of negative marketing that will come.


OPTION 3:  THIS. GOES. VIRAL.  Simple as that.  I’m talking YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, smoke signals, I DON’T CARE! If you are going to try and attack my credit score because you can’t function as a proper company, well then I will be happy shave off as many little dollars I can, even if it just affects your ability for overtime, or Christmas bonuses, occasional free movie tickets, or hiring freezes until you can fix your own errors.  I obviously know I’m not going to bring a company like AT&T down by myself, but I can definitely ruin your Thanksgiving for a year or two.

All jokes aside, this whole situation is ridiculous and pointless.  I shouldn’t have to be angrily pecking away at a keyboard to get my point across to someone.  But I am, and you will listen. 


Fix it.




You have until this time tomorrow to contact me with your decision or I will assume that you REALLY ENJOYED Option 3. 


Before I finish, I also want to make it clear that your customer retention department is improperly named.  Instead, it should be called, “transfer phone call here and we can cancel service in 4 minutes and make sure they’re angry.”  Two words.  Miss Jenkins.  How do you refer to yourself that way? How is that a way to personalize yourself so you seem like somebody that someone else wants to talk to? If I walked around introducing myself as Mr. Lorenzo, I would obviously be mistaken for someone from “Little House on the Prairie” or blatantly called a self-righteous a hole.  Literally. The conversation took 4 minutes.    


She did mention that she needed to speak to a Manager in order to get approval to cancel the account.  His name? Mr. McClurklin.  Is this real?  In your training classes do you tell them to try and distance themselves personally as much as possible from the conversation in the event that you might make money? IT MAKES NO SENSE! IT MAKES NO SENSE TO BE OPENLY TOLD THAT SHE REFUSES TO GIVE OUT A FULL NAME OR EMPLOYEE ID NUMBER TO REFERENCE THE ACCOUNT. Honestly, it just seems like someone is clearly stating, “Hey! I suck at my job, but if I give you my name, you’ll tell my boss. I am Ms. Jenkins.” To make matters worse, she stated that if we needed to contact someone regarding her services, we could say that it was Ms. Jenkins from Columbia, South Carolina.  Do have the slightest idea how many “Ms. Jenkins” there are in Columbia, South Carolina? I don’t know either, but I’m sure they’re in a three way tie with Ms. Smith and Ms. Brown for the most.


Now, seeing as how Ms. Jenkins obviously had some sort of hot date she had to get to that was more important than fulfilling her “Customer Retention” duties, she didn’t even bother to allow Mr. McClurklin (also from Columbia, South Carolina… seriously, I can’t make this stuff up) to speak to me.  With a quick stroke of the pen, or click of the keyboard, my account was cancelled followed by the lovely sassiness that is Ms. Jenkins.  AND PLEASE REVIEW THE TAPE! She made it very clear it would be recorded, which in my opinion was stupid as she clearly can’t do her job. 


Although I can probably force out another 5 or so pages, I’ll end this with three simple words: “Give’em the pickle.”

Google it.




Joseph & Brittney


[edited for privacy]

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I stand corrected.


Seems you should Contact AT&TCustomerCare with your information, and they will be able to assist you.





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I guess it also get's you noticed quickly, which was the purpose.  Then again had i been "noticed and acknowledged" originally, perhaps spamming wouldn't be necessary... or even if guys had an e-mail address posted to send complaints... or a mailing address.  I have come to the conclusion that logic is beyond you guys so I have decided to lower myself to your level and make this crystal clear.  ATTALEX has been e-mailed, although, as ATT often does, it's just a run around.  I requested answers and rather than empowering yourself to find a solution, or route the inquiry to the proper person yourself and simply state "ATTALEX will be contacting you," you left it up to me to do your job for you.  I'm beginning to notice a pattern in ATT's hiring criteria. Perhaps scolding, undermindding, and sassing should be saved for your superiors as they are the one's holdding you back. 

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All spamming does is get your duplicate posts removed and if it persists a moderator will ban you. This is a users forum and while there are a few AT&T employees in these forums, 99% of the people that are on here are users just like yourself.  Even the ones that are AT&T employees (as noted in their name) many do not have access to  your account information.  Also Alex no longer works with customer care and has moved on.

Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Please include your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. It may take up to 48 hours for them to respond and please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


Customer care is not the same as customer service. They are a dedicated escalation team that gets issues resolved when other means have failed.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.

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Hi joeylorenzo,


We received your private message and I see that you also posted on our Facebook page last night too. One of our managers, Andy, responded to your post on our Facebook wall, and I will give him the additional information you provided in your private message.




Nicole K.

AT&T Customer Care

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I first signed up for the service and was quoted a price of $79 a month. I went with a package where the Gateway was mailed to me and I would call and have my service activated. since I am not very savvy in the area of wiring I paid a friend to come and help me. to make sure I was connecting all the dots. the $79 dollars i was quoted was for the $100 Gateway box and i would pay $79 amonth for 3months and then for one year My payments will be $29 lets hope this is true. well i got my bill and it was not $79 but $90.I know that $11 is not a big difference but it is when you budget as most of us do. i called customer service and they guy was very nice but never offered to adjust or offer a reduction for one month. this is my second bad experience with At&t, the 1st was about 3 month ago when I went through direct TV to get the service installed and a tech was to come out on Monday morning I took off from work and no one showed up I called later that evening and was told it was not scheduled. I received a call from direct to confirm the date, i relayed that information to ATT and needless to say with no empathy they told me to reschedule . I should have left well enough along at that time but I am getting ready to box up the equipment and send it back to them I found another internet service that can offer me the same free airwaves. and keep there promise of what i will be charged when i receive my 1st bill.

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Hello @Shamakaye 


I'm sorry for your billing issue, our team can definitely help you and make sure you're getting the best deal available. Is that difference because of taxes and fees or before them? The price you get online or as a quote doesn't typically include taxes. Since it's account specific, please send us a private message by clicking here and one of our social media care managers will contact you directly to assist.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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I would guess that some of that additional $11 is taxes and fees and possibly prorated charges, which normally are just for the first day of service. Interested to hear how this turns out.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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