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How to volunteer for higher speed tier trials?


How to volunteer for higher speed tier trials?

Rumors abound on the Interwebs about U-verse bumping Internet speeds upwards of 50-75 Mbps this year.  Now I'm hearing about trials in the Dallas, Texas market.  


I live in the Mid-Cities area of the DFW metro and can stand outside my front door and see the local, friendly neighborhood VRAD one street up.  I figure it's less than 750 feet of copper between home my junction box and the VRAD.  When I bought the house I'm in back in February, the install tech ran completely new Cat5e from the junction box into the house.  I feel I should also be good to do pair-bonding assuming that's how ATT will do the upgrades in most cases once a single-pair maxes out on speed.  


Anyone know if there's any truth to these "trials" in Dallas and, if it is true, how to even be considered for acceptance?  I consider myself an advanced user and would definitely be able to test various scenarios either with physical hardware or with virtualization.


I'm also eager to have something faster than 24/3.  :-)  FiOS being completely unavailable in Tarrant county when it's fairly popular in Dallas county is a bit frustrating...but the lower taxes on the Tarrant county side make up for that.  :-)



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Re: How to volunteer for higher speed tier trials?

From my experience these trials are restricted to AT&T employees 

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