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How to use router as wireless repeater with Uverse?


How to use router as wireless repeater with Uverse?

Hi all, I've looked around and I've seen vague posts describing this process but I am still uncertain whether or not I can use the router as a wireless range extender basically.


What I'm trying to do is basically use a router (WNR2000v3) as a wireless access point/repeater. My main modem is the Uverse modem/router (Pace 5031NV).


If I use the method described here:, it works, but this is wired--I was hoping to see a wireless method. The method here: doesn't seem to work as the Pace 5031nv doesn't seem to have a repeater mode? Or does it?


I'm also wondering because in the settings for the Pace5031nv, there is a "Cascading Router" setting? Does this have any relevance as to what I want to do?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: How to use router as wireless repeater with Uverse?

Hi term1nal,


Hopefully, I am understanding you right, but it sounds like you are trying to use your router as a wireless range extender via a wireless connection. If I am wrong, I apologize. I did some quick research on the WNR2000v3, and I do not think it has the same capabilities as the DG834G Repeaters, as the repeaters have the ability to connect to a wireless connection, while the WNR2000v3 does not, so it does not have that wireless option.

From the research I did on the repeaters, they seem like basic repeaters. We also offer one here. But it sounds like you are looking for something more like this than a secondary router.


Hope this helps,

David T

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