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How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

A technician came today and I was under the impression that they were able to use my existing coax cable for the installation but they informed me I needed a Cat 5E cable to come inside, now they wanted to run the cable along the side of the house and drill through the wall, exterior is brick and so forth and I don't want that look. Now for my question how can I go about this? Btw I offered to run the cable myself, through the attic and to each room so I can reschedule a technician to come finish the installation. Should I run a cable from each room I want to a NID outside next to my coax box, or how should I go about doing this? I have CAT 5E cable to run through my attic and to each room, I’ll get the wall plates etc. I just need some information on how to centralize this setup so that there has to be no wires running down the side of my house.

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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

iAnonymity -
I would run from the NID to the location of the RG. You may want the RG adjacent to the DVR. It would be good to have the DVR on the least used TV. So, the RG may be adjacent to another STB. All STBs & wired computers would be run from the RG location to the TV or computer location.

If you have a difficult run you could consider a wireless STB. But, really try for wired. Also, consider RG location centralized for wi-fi computer access.

This is for a standard install not sure how to change it for a bonded pair INID if you are beyond standard distance from the VRAD.
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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

Hello iAnonymity,

They should be able to use the existing coax cables within your house, however the NID is connected to the RG using the Cat 5e cable. (My neighbours have this set-up.) So for the absolute essential, you would only need to run cable to where you want the RG to be.


If you're already planning on wiring the rest of your home with Ethernet, it is fairly straight forward. (Which I believe to be a good idea and investment.) The RG provides the connection to all U-Verse services so you'll want to have each Ethernet drop connect to the RG. (For STB and Wired Computers).


For my set-up, I opted to go for permanent Ethernet and Coax wiring. I installed a wall-plate with dual RJ45 and single coax for each drop. For the rooms that have STB's, one of the Ethernet runs from each drop connect to a network switch (Network Switch 1 - IPTV data). The rest of the Ethernet runs connect to another switch (Network Switch 2 - General data). (Use of two switches versus one is to prevent mixing of IPTV and Internet data. Use of switches allow all ports, in all rooms, to be active all the time.)


I also have a wall-plate near the U-Verse Equipment to feed (uplink) the two switches and coax network. (allows ability to switch providers without having to do any major rewiring.) Right now, I have the incoming cable connect to the RG, three ethernet cables leaving the RG (one for Internet, one for TV, and one for the DVR). I recommend you make your cables slightly longer than you need them (especially if you're crimping your own cable.) Also, don't forget to label your cables!

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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

Aviewer fora bonded pair your advice is the same. Standard install uses one of the four pairs in a cat5 cable, a bonded install needs two pairs.

From RG all others devices connect, so if I understand correctly you want to run a cat5 cable from NID up the side of brick home home to access attic, then down a wall to RG location, as stated prefer central home part of home for best wifi coverage AND ideally next to TV that would have DVR unit.

How many TVs,two or three could use wireless receiver(s), additional would be hardwired, tech should be able to use existing coax to feed hardwired tvs. Will need access to wall plates so all furniture by TVs should be away from walls. All coax ends should be replaced, wall plates replaced, coax splitter replaced. Uverse only allows for one splitter so hopefully all your coax runs to one location and no daisy chained.
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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

Thanks for the reply, I'm looking into ways to wire my home atm, I dont know if I want to do each room, or just the major ones i.e bedroom and living room. I'm not sure how I'm going to run the wire but I get the picture of how you have the drops for your rooms. Thanks!

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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

I installed a small box  adjacent to the NID and  then ran PVC conduit straight down and then dug a 6 inch trench to bury the conduit along to the point where I angled up then then drilled through the concrete foundation into the crawl space and then ran  the cat-6 cable in the crawl space to the location of the gateway.   The  key concept is  running one  cat-6 cable  from close to the NID  to  the gateway.  I installed a  dsl splitter on the customer side of the  NID  and  from that side of the NID it is easy to connect  to the small box  where the cat-6 cable begins it's run to the gateway. 

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Re: How to run ethernet cable for U-Verse?

Yeah, I am looking into running one cable to my office from the NID, and then another cable from my office to the living room just for the DVR. I really don't want to wire each room and terminate in a closet because I am just wanting to try AT&T's service, because currently I have TWC 30 down and 6 up but it's not always constant but pretty close, I was told that the 18 Mbps service could compare to to what I have now. I just don't see myself wiring my house just to try this service.
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