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How to fake bridged mode with U-Verse


How to fake bridged mode with U-Verse

Hello All,


I realize that this is an old post, but I, like many others, did not research this before "upgrading" from DSL to U-Verse and am stuck with this very same issue.


The workaround suggested is a neat trick and I started to play around with it a little, but have run into a little snafu...


I (obviously) have a /29 address and am stuck with the CRAPPY, USELESS 2wire RG (are you listening AT&T???). My internal network is (or rather was) segmented into different physical networks NATed to each IP in my static block using a Cisco PIX 525. I would still like to use this configuration or at least a configuration as close to this as possible.


My question about the suggested workaround is how would I route each one of the virtual IPs setup with HSRP to the PIX so I could still accomplish my goal?


Could I setup a static route to the outside interface on my PIX and then hairpin from there as before?




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Re: How to fake bridged mode with U-Verse

No dice.  Each static IP to be passed inside the RG must have a unique MAC address.  So unless you can get the PIX to proxy ARP (or something similar), you're out of luck.


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Re: How to fake bridged mode with U-Verse

He mentioned HSRP (hot standby router protocol), which can be configured/abused to present different MAC addresses to the RG on the same Ethernet interface. Thus this would accomplish the goal with appropriate NAT configuration as well.

The problem for him is that HSRP is only available in standard Cisco IOS-based routers; it is not an available feature on the PIX firewall.
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