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How to empty Trach folder from my email client


How to empty Trach folder from my email client

Greetings.  I access my AT&T email through Outlook 2013.  The only think that I find annoying and a possible security risk is that when I delete an email from within Outlook, then empy my Outlook trash folder, the email is still in the AT&T Uverse trash folder.  I have to manually empy that by logging into the Uverse web client and empty the trash.  Does anyone if it is possible to have the Outllok empty trash also empty the trash folder on the Uverse servers?


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Re: How to empty Trach folder from my email client

Under your account settings, double click on your acount, go to More Settings for Pop and IMAP, Click on Advanced tab, under Delivery, check the box to remove from server when removed from deteled items.

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Re: How to empty AT&T Trash folder from my email client

That box is and has always been checked.  I'm using the POP3 server address.  Any other suggestions?  Thanks

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