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How to change ISB7005 to ethernet connection

How to change ISB7005 to ethernet connection

G'Day All;


Have a new U-verse install, I-net, TV, Phone.  Router/WAP in office on side of house, primary TV in family room, as far from the WAP as possible.  (why is it always this way?)


Problem: Every evening experience video and audio drop outs, freezes, audio lapse, extreme pixelating, etc on the primary TV (this is day 5).  Last eve the ISB7005 went so far as to report complete signal loss.  This only occurs during the range of 6pm to around 11pm, then its over.  It is a total pain!


Fix attempts: First off, re-arranged the gear from where the installer placed it, getting it higher and as close to the family room as possible, this seemed to help a bit.  Second, called tech support, what a mistake, they sent me a new STB, now I have to take the perfectly good one I had to UPS for mail back, geeze.  Third:


Third - today, I attempted to go to a straight eternet connection.  I do have a drop in the TV room open, it uses a power line network, and is great for net surfing with the TV, using the X-box 360, and laptops.  So I gave it a go.  I think I got close to success, but the STB seems to have locked up on the ATT U-verse screen, it sat there in a loop for more than 10 minutes.  I went to the router and checked the lan info, found the connection, error message indicated it needed the firewall disabled, so I put the device in the DMZ and rebooted the STB, but still no success.  From what I have read, supposed to be able to network it via the ethernet port, but having no success.


Wondering if anybody knows the correct sequence of events to accomplish this?


What I did was to unplug the stb, then power down the WAP by unplugging power, then plugging the eternet into the stb, powering on the stb, and waiting....... all seemed normal until the att screen.  After that I changed the firewall setting on the stb by putting it in the dmz mode.  I did not reboot the router, should I have done that?  Does it not like the power line nw?  (I have no trouble with other devices, laptops, printers, PC's, xbox, etc, I have drops in several places to overcome the areas where the wireless signal just is not reliable......  running a single drop line through ceiling / walls is not going to be possible, but the PL network is great for everything else.


What I would like to know is the exact sequence to follow to change the STB from wireless to wired, so I could try it step by step in the correct order.  Ideas?


thanks for any help.




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Re: How to change ISB7005 to ethernet connection

In short do not expect your attempt to work, why, cannot mix IP TV signal with other devices, same as using a switch need to keep signals separate. As you admit to having multiple devices connected thru plugins and cannot have a dedicated run on plugins this is a no go in my opinion.
Possible solutions:
1) Need to move RG/WAP (billable) to more central part of house,
2) if cannot move RG then have to move WAP or
3) hard wire TV location to RG.

Believing TV location is not new (?), and previous worked with different provider(?) Then a coax cable connection should exist to connect through a coupler or splitter back to RG, change wifi stb for hardwired stb.
If no coax to RG then solution is to run new cat5 outside house and back in to new desired WAP location as you claim no option to run wire inside, or run new cat5 cable outside RG to main TV for hardwired Ethernet connection. Hope this gives some insight.
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