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How does my voice system work?


How does my voice system work?

When a phone call is received and answered by my answering machine and the caller does leave a message then hanges up, this is then always followed by several anoying beeps.


Is this correct? What does this mean?


Also, How do I know when a voice mail has been Left?

and Can I use a answering machine & fax with U-verse Voice?


Thank You!

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Re: How does my voice system work?

Hello eZAK,

With U-verse VOIP you have the option to use your answering machine if you disable AT&T Messaging or Voicemail.

Lets take the answering machine out of the picture for a moment...

When you receive a call there is a preset number of rings before the call gets routed to Voicemail. By default you get 4 rings to answer the call but if you need this changed to more rings you also have access to do that. If you miss it, it will go to your voicemail inbox.


Lets return the answering machine back into the picture...

If you do not want to use the voicemail, you can use your answering machine. This is where it is best to disable the voicemail so your call is not intercepted by the voicemail in case your answering machine is set to answer calls after more rings.

The beeping you are hearing seems to be the notification from your answering machine letting you know you have a message sometimes this notifcation is a red LED light.

If you use voicemail instead of the answering machine you can control the notifications. When you have a message you have not listened to, you will hear an interrupted dial tone when you first pick up the phone to make a call. If you have a phone set with voicemail notification,it will also indicate you have a message with a red indicator LED light.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: How does my voice system work?

Typically once an answering machine answers and records the message it has a few ways it knows to hang up.  Keep in mind some are different than others.  One way it will disconnect is once it no longer hears any recording, another will be if it receives a CO disconnect signal from the Central Office (not available on U-voice since it's VoIP), or once it hears the "beeps" which is sort of related to the no voice above.


That's just the way those machines work. 


Now to your fax question.....Yes fax machines will work with U-voice.  As Sadath mentioned above, the number of rings is a determining factor in the operation of it.  What I have done at my home is turn off auto answer and my U-voice voice mail answers after 4 rings.  In order to receive a fax, I need to be home and tell the faxer to call my number.  When I hear the fax machine beeps on the line I press my "start" button on the fax and the fax completes.  My machine also has the ability for me to dial #9# from any phone I have answered on and the fax will start.

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Re: How does my voice system work?

eZAK - If you elect to use your current answer machine for daily activity, it would be a good idea to leave U-verse VM active with a longer ring setting so that it will catch any calls that come through when your house is out of telephone or electric service. You will know you have messages after such a failure by the stutter dial tone.

More reasons to use U-verse VM as primary answer -

You can set your account to access your messages from your home phone without entering the PIN and you do not need to listen to a greeting.

Many phones are programmable - program the VM button to send the *98 to access voice mail.

You can get e-mail notification of messages.

You can access your messages from a computer or smart phone or tablet.
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Re: How does my voice system work?

The 'beep' I had mentioned is actualy like a pulsating tone.


So, If I'm under standing correctly, I can raise the VM ring count so as not to interfeer with the answering machine.

OR I can eliminate the answ. mach. and just use VM.


If I use VM only, Then the only way to know I have a message is to pick up the receiver or look at my email.


Then to retreive a message..........Basicaly the land line becomes a cell phone.......!


What about screening a call? Is it possible with VM?


Had I known ATT was using VOIP I would have never signed up.


As far as the fax goes, it is an internal modem. I have it set for manual. With VOIP I guess I out of luck there.

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Re: How does my voice system work?

eZAK -

I would take a wild guess that the beep/tone at the end of the call is the answer machine holding the line, creating a new dial tone, that is a stutter dial tone because you have a message from U-verse welcoming you & saying to set up your voicemail. If you pick up the phone you will have the tone.

Yes you can use either or both as you describe.

Most caller ID phones & boxes also have a message waiting light. Just look for the light. Some do not show calls while you are on the phone. Some do.

Another VM plus I forgot earlier is it takes messages while you are on the phone.

The only screening you can do is by caller ID. Once it goes to voice mail you are not connected. I believe you can build a caller list to make friends and family first names. I do that on my panasonic with voice announcements of caller ID.

You can always go back to POTS. I never left. I just have TV & internet.

The FAX modem is the way FAXes work. Connect it to your dial tone just like POTS.

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