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How do I set up thunderbird to send * receive AT&T email?


How do I set up thunderbird to send * receive AT&T email?

I've put in all of the given parameters into Thunderbird but get errors such as "invalid username/password."

Has anyone successfully set up Thunderbird?

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Re: Re: How do I set up thunderbird to send * receive AT&T email?


Thank you for patiently trying all the steps provided. I was able to successfully configure and get it working on Mozilla for one of the customers couple of days ago.

If the issue is only with sending, you need to make sure if you are using Primary (member id) or sub-account. If you are using sub-account, please perform the steps mentioned in the below link and you should get it to work.

We would be interested to know if the issue is fixed. Let us know once it is done.


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Re: How do I set up thunderbird to send * receive AT&T email?

I would like to thank the whole community for trying to help me interface my large Thunderbird client [it IS the latest 17.05 release] to the Yahoo/AT&T mail servers.

Checking with my contacts in the Bay area, everybody's head is in "THE CLOUD" and there are substantiated games being played by Yahoo and Mozilla [including some other names].  It's us poor users that are caught in the middle.

The only thing I could do is send a stern letter to the Yahoo board as a shareholder.  They may look into it, but these are the games always played in Silicon Valley.  High tech has always been the "bleeding" edge with Machiavelli being an amateur when it came to the politics [the L.A. '84 Olympics in the middle of divestiture was very challenging to LAOOC, my dealings with IBM, Motorola, Ma Bell, Pac Bell were very educational and way above Machiavelli in cutthroat politics].  Well, enough reminiscing... on to my solution:

I did take some time to reorganize my library of emails and then set up my three (existing) domains to handle my emails as several friends have been doing for years. [It can easily be done with only one...].   This allows me to change email providers with only minor tweaking of parameters, all totally transparent to the outside world.  It took a full day but I'm independent of any email provider.  Following the steps I had to learn, I can change email to another provider in about 30 minutes including comprehensive testing...

I'm still using AT&T for TV and Internet and without major screwups there is no reason to change.  I have my own VOIP equipment along with a wireless system set up years ago including periodic equipment upgrades.  All I need is a reliable high speed internet link.

Thanks to all participating, I've learned a lot and now it's time to move on...



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Re: How do I set up thunderbird to send * receive AT&T email?

Hey jvb123

I want to apologize that we couldn't resolve this issue here on our end but, thank you for initially coming to our Community site for help. We hope that you will continue to be a part of the Community, it's been great to have you on board. Feel free to let us know if/how we can assist you if you come across another issue with your U-verse service. Thank you for choosing AT&T Smiley Happy

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Where are instructions to update Thunderbird settings by Dec 11 2013

The ATT instructionsfor settings to receive mail do not include Thunderbird.

When I go to the list of mail clients and hit none of the ablove i get to Outlook instructions

How do I get to general instructins that would be good for Thunderbird

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Re: Where are instructions to update Thunderbird settings by Dec 11 2013

They don't seem to have a specific tutorial for Thunderbird. I'm pretty sure it is a popular email client and I don't know why they don't. I guess most people use web mail now.


Here is a AT&T page with the server setting to use.


If you need general instructions on setting Thunderbird, Mozilla has a page for that.


You probably have it figured out by now, but if not, maybe those pages will help.




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