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How do I file a formal complaint?


How do I file a formal complaint?

After reading several of the consumer complaint postings, I realize that the customer service level of AT&T has now reached all-time lows.


I would like to know how to file a formal complaint.  I have been dealing with this issue since August of 2013 now without a satisfactory resolution.  My mistake was believing the promotional mail and signing up for a "free" 30 day trial of U-verse and a bundle package.  Someone should share the definition of free with the marketing department before sending out additional false advertisments.  I spent endless hours on the phone trying to resolve issues, with promises and bargains from each employee with no real results.  I made it to the "next level" of customer care because I had such problems.  The level where they "promise" to take care of you personally - and they don't follow through either.  I have now settled most of the issues except for them charging me for a phone line they installed incorrectly and was never used.  The technician showed up hours early for the appointment, called and said he would just hook it up from the outside, cut wires which should not have been cut and left before I even could get home.  He never entered my home, nor did he test anything prior to leaving.  I canceled all services within the 30 day window.  I have called on numerous occasions about this last outstanding balance they say I owe from the line being installed incorrectly.  The balance is $32.71.  They have sent  this to a collection agency even after I called at least five times.  I was told "once it goes to a collection agency, we can't help you."  Really?  It was sent back to them after I explained to the man at the agency what happened.  So AT&T could have again helped by speaking with me and refunding the balance with was sent in error from the start.  Instead, they sent it to yet another collection agency. 


I have been a wireless customer of AT&T for well over 20 years.  Rest assured, when my contract is up in November, I will no longer be a customer.  Nor will I ever use their services in any way, shape or form again.  I will also share my story with all of my friends/family members who use their services. 


So AT&T will be the company who lost a loyal 20+ year customer over $32.71, which they billed in error from the start.


Is there someone who can actually do something about this?  Or let me re-phrase that - does AT&T have yet another level of executives who can add to this lunacy?

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

I would recommend you send a private message to AT&T Customer Care using the link below.

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

I'm a good paying customer. I've been over charged since December 2013 and not received a bill from a t and t in the mail or by email since November 2013.  Every month I have talked with a t and t and each time was assured it was all taken care of and I would receive a paper bill in the mail and that I would receive the correct amount of my bill on the paper bill. This hasn't happened. instead i've received advertising mail from a t and t about services like U Verse that is not even offered in my area. I've received calls to change my service to U verse and after wasting my time 45 minutes the a t and t person says, Oh, I'm sorry your not in the area to be able to receive U verse. Monday, March 24th I spoke with a manager who promised I wouldn't owe the bill this month on acct. of a t and t messing up the bill once again and over charging me once again and not sending or emailing me a bill.  I don't believe a word they say anymore and I'm sick of wasting my time trying to do right and call in to see what the amount of the bill is and pay the bill. I don't believe anyone who works for a t and t anymore.  they are all a bunch of bad jokes that need a keeper. nice enough people they just can't seem to do the job they are to do. i sincerely hope that they get this straightened out like they promised but i will not believe it until i hear on the automatic system that i don't owe anything.  for years my bill has not been over 75 a month but because they changed my plan and didn't get it changed back correctly they are over charging me to the tune of $224 and they didn't tell me that the rate on my internet was going up when i spoke with them February 20th to straighten out that bill. no bill in the mail and by now i shoud have received Marchs bill. i don't understand them at all. why can't they simply do there job, is the computers they use messed up and overcharging everyone and trying to make everyone upset and angry and ready to visit a t and t and grab their computers and throw their computers out the nearest window or what? 

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Please do not waste your time, I have wasted 60 hours of my life talking to everyone at ATT. I'm a former billing manager, from another company, and the collections depart tactics are against Federal Regulations.


1. ATT Collections caused my bank account $200.00 worth of NSF. Prior to them trying to debit my account, I made an online payment, and spoke to the retention department. The retention department made notes documenting that I made an online payment. ATT tried to debit my account two more times. The collections manager refused to give me her name and ID. Then she proceeded to disconect the call. 


2. I have spoken to numerous ATT reps, and everytime I asked them to escalate a call, the hang up the phone, or keep you on hold for over 45 minutes, then disconnect the call. This isn't just one department, its all of the departments.


3. I spoke to Matt in billing and he didn't know any federal regulations.


4. I spoke to Rudy, Matts manager. He refused to help and transfer me to the A/R department, Rudy failed to do a warm transfer, so the person I was speaking with in the A/R department didn't have a clue towards what was going on with my account. This is called a cold transfer, everyone at ATT does it.


5. I spoke to the A/R manager a female, and she refused to take ownership of the situation, and she told me to fax my paperwork.  I guess I'm  suppose to fax over my banking information, and let it sit on a fax machine to be thrown away. No it not suppose work like that. She's a collection manager and she doesn't know her federal regulations either. She disconnected the call.


So hears what we do, I'm going on Several Social Media Platforms to put this company and its busines practices on blast. Then I 'm going to file an complaint with the BBB. Here's a litte secret collections managers don't like be called into the directors office over BBB complaint. I suggest everyone should file a complaint. 


[Legal discussions are not permitted per the Guidelines]


Kind Regards,


Mr Lackey


[edited for privacy]

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

I almost forgot, I have 4 Boxes, but when I record a show, all of the boxes go out. SMDH this has to be the worst service. How about technincal support has been outsource, so when you call in, you have to speak to people who barely understand English.

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Hello everyone, like MicCheck suggested above, we have a team of great Social Media Care managers that can be contacted by private message here: ATTCustomerCare. Please send us a message there to get help, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Did you ever get a response from ATT or anyone else on how to file a formal complaint. I feel this site is for all us frustrated customers to talk with each other. If you have nay info, please forward/post. thanks bill

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DSL Complaint Billing and Service

I purchased 3.0 dsl only back in 2010
I had all kinds of issuses with the billing and credits for what I signed up for at 14.99
I finally got that handled after months of non stop calls
I have been paying a set rate for my 3.0 dsl at present rate of 46.00 per month started at 42.00 pr mnth
I stated calling AT&T since the end of feburary beginning of march about my net speeds dropping below .5 download speed at different hours of the day but seems like it was primetime for east and west coast times
They always say it’s the modem or router
I now own 3 modems and 3 routers with 1 connection so lets say we proved it isnt the modem or router
They have sent 7 techs out to solve my issue 
1st tech changed undergorund coming to my home (lots of noise on the line)
2nd tech no show 
3rd tech no show
4th tech swapped wires at pedistal  (lots of noise on the line that’s why my signal drop)
5th tech same person as 4th found loose wire at nain box which is 3.4miles from my home and told me im maxed out and  due to the distance I cant get any stronger signal
6th tech no show
7th tech showed up did nothing but tell me AT&T standard script. He did contact tech from 4th & 5th time and tech told him to tell me to use alanta server from speednet to test speeds hahaha what a joke I check speeds when I watch all activity slow to a crawl and even disconnect it is AT&T throttling my net speed lower
AT&T tech department
My DSL not only slow connection speeds now DSL signal dropping out intermittently
They have run all kinds of line tests
Always different reasons why slow speed or signal drop (server issues,line distance etc)
So last time they said they changed my profile to 10.0 dsl to increase the strength of my signal
So so far my net still drops below 1.0 speeds
Now here is the kicker now I get aprils bill in the same month they credited my 46.00 which is 1month for all the problems
April bill now shows I have extra internet usage hmmmm since when? 2010 till now my bill or account was not on a usage plan
The bill is almost doubled what I normally pay hmmmm once again the month of april compared to previous months my net usage has gone down as I have trackers on all of my net always have.
So first billing call the agent tells me im full of crap in so many words he told me I have always had usage but never went over and wouldn’t connect me to a supervisor. So I finally hung up and called another Agent
Now I go online to look at so called usage now remember I have never had a usage charge in 4 years til they credit a bill and send out all these service techs
The month of may started on 5-14-14 and im already over usage by 20+ doallars in 6 days hmmmm once again 4 years never had usage if anything my net usage has dropped 
so for 4 years I never went over now im over in 6 days basiccally doubling my monthly usage in 6 days time
If this isnt corrected I will just disconnect AT&T I have spent more time on the phone with them and took many days off of work for them not to even show up
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Re: DSL Complaint Billing and Service

It's been like this for years... My wife and I have an ongoing Joke about AT&T. EVERYTIME I mean EVERYTIME we make ANY change to our AT&T account the bills gets messed up some how some way. I even explain this everytime I talk to AT&T, and they ALWAYS assure me it won't happen this time... It always does.

I was actually lied to this last time. Was offered one thing, not getting it, lets just leave it at that for now.

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

I am having the same problem. Did you ever find a way to resolve this with AT&T?  If so, I would appreciate an update!

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

I am having all the same issues! I have been a loyal long term customer (15-20 plus years) and over the past 2 years it has been nothing but trouble, horrible service, products, and ridiculous billing issues. Not to mention the endless results I get when getting on the phone with customer service, tech support, billing, name it and I have either done it or spoke with it or tempted to at least.


I have been told something different from every employee. Charged restorel fees when told that restorel fees were not charged. My service has been shut off or disabled due to these fees. I have even been hung up on and told that there is no point in helping me if I am just going to switch providers.


This company has offered me packages, bundles, or so called savings and then turned around and continued to bill me incorrectly, sent techs out to install services to "save me" money and combine billing to end up having 2 bills still and someone later telling me my area doesn't even offer those services. Well lovely that I am paying nearly 250.00 a month for "services" that are not offered. I have basic cable, basic Internet and basic home phone and paying that much plus some. ITS RIDICULOUS AND A RIP OFF!!!


I was promised a visa gift card that never came, plus have 1 laptop that will pick up their service and one that I cant get tech support to help me with - every time I have tried it has turned into a 4 hour ordeal which results in me getting hung up on.


At&t used to be a great company but they are getting worse by the day and its very disturbing and upsetting and I feel like I am being robbed blind. I honestly cannot even afford cable, internet or a telephone at their prices, but have held on because I am a single mother trying to make ends meet while attending college and raising a son with severe heatlh problems and in order to keep him safe I need phone service and in order to complete my assignments and college courses, I have to have the internet. Otherwise I would have just ended this nonsense with AT&T a long time ago and went with a different provider.


Alot of good that did me because now.... wait for it... wait for it....


I am now without a phone because of their errors and billing (which I am not going to pay or have reconnected unless I start seeing some results and corrections on their behalf). On top of the phone service my internet availibility and service goes week by week. Either its being shut off due to excessive charges, fees, or some other issue of theirs or because it just doesn't feel like working. I literally cannot be on the internet using AT&T browser and make it more than 5-10 minutes without it behaving as though I have dial up. Its slow, broken or "not responding". So I repeat...a lot of good it did me to tough it out and deal with these frustrations for nearly 2+ years for nothing!!!


I am fed up and now seeing that every one of you are dealing with the same crap, has me furious and I will get to the bottom of this and even if I can't due to their lack of compassion and customer service , I will at least annoy everyone I can till I get my point across to someone in this company.

I will try and - with updates to see what I can come up with or who I can track down to get some type of help or at least one individual that gives a darn about the reputation they are gaining and the loss of some of their best customers.


I apologize if my grammer and professional writing skills are lacking and oh the mounding run-on sentences in this post/reply of mine but I am very irritated and on my soap box and to describe how I am feeling about this company, the billing and money portion of value versus cost and issues I am having all around with them; the word frustrated or ticked off doesn't even come close. I honestly have never had issues this severe with any other provider or company - well besides Duke Energy which somewhat was resolved at least and addressed. It surley wasnt igored as it is with AT&T - however I took my complaints to the top and that is what I intend to do with AT&T.


Sadly I don't see anything coming of it considering I have been having same issues over and over for years and honeslty just given up on even trying to bother with them, but that is now changing because I dont and neither do any of you, deserve to be scammed, lied to or mistreated nor taken advantage of.


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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

Hey to all of you suffering the same as myself,


I put my replies for these posts as a general reply instead of on each of your posts individually - I apologize if it seems as though I am replying with the same tangent/venting session. I didn't realize it wasn't going to your seperate forums.






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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?



The last time I had to deal with the outsourcing customer service I finally got to the point of aggrevation that I ended up telling them that I wanted to speak with somone in my country that spoke my language and if I had to call over and over until they made that happen I would. I have no issue with other languages or national decents, however I am only fluent in English, I live in the United States, I pay for services in the state of Indiana, therefore I expect to be able to speak with someone tht doesn't require me to say "excuse me, I didn't understand you" after every other word.


They did that one time end up getting me someone local , however after her help it has been down hill since. Cant even deal with tech support because it is such a hassle and long process. Who has time to schedule 4-6 hours out of their day or cancell their entire appointment book in order to get on the phone with support to only end up with more problems and no resolution than we started with.


I am not kidding, it literally gets worse every time I talk to them!


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Re: How do I file a formal complaint?

please visit


and give them what they deserve.


you have rights, but they do not want you to know about them

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