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How can I view/obtain my landline call details

How can I view/obtain my landline call details

How can I obtain a call detail for my landline service with AT&T. I have three phone lines and some bundling of phone services and unlike the wireless product I cannot find or obtain any reference to the calls made, times, numbers, etc. for my landline numbers.


Can someone PLEASE help. It is imperative that I obtain this information.

Thank you.

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Re: How can I view/obtain my landline call details

@AmazingCompany wrote:

Again. This is a time sensitive matter. And I am looking for my long distance information which is provided by At&T. Any help with this is grandly appreciated.

Even a corporate phone number or regional or some connection. The law dept. numbers are either not in service or never respond. Even law enforcement has issues getting info. with court documents.

Please help.

You should be able to get your long distance numbers dialed with no problem.  I had "AT&T All Distance" and they were always on my monthly bill.


You can log into your AT&T account here: https://www.att.com/olam/loginAction.olamexecute?TAM_OP=login&USERNAME=unauthenticated&ERROR_CODE=0x...


You can bring up your past billing by month and see if you can find the number.

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Re: How can I view/obtain my landline call details

@AmazingCompany wrote:

I have unlimited long distance and At&T is my carrier for that service. I am looking for verification on individual outgoing calls. I don't understand why I would have to subpoena my own records. They are mine. I'm not asking for info on someone else.

This is a residential line. Not a business matter. Critical info regarding a much needed doctor contact.

Any idea how I get the info....also a critical timely issue. Legal and court route would take months.


It sounds like you are needing the contact info for a doctor you called? 


It would probably be much easier to get that info from your own doctor or hospital if needed urgently.

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Re: How can I view/obtain my landline call details

  • I was trying to obtain the same info on my dads land line a no luck either. I followed the direction, and nothing. 


  1. Years ago, you simply had to call, speak to an actual human and ask! Now it's a legal issue!?! Really, I pay for a service his phone..his bill.


Did you ever get your log of numbers from ATT??


Hope you had better luck.    

They made me remove a bad word!?! I used W T H.  Really????



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