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How can I get satisfaction with my account


How can I get satisfaction with my account

I cannot get my bill to stop fluctuating. Customer service constantly offers me solutions/products they don follow thoroughbred on. InOctober after complaining ou was told that of I agreed too a 12 month counteract after being with them for 4 years they'd offedices counts that would keep may bill around $120 before taxes. in addition I was also given 3 free months of HBO but I would have to call to cancel or be billed. The $120+ lasted until Dec when I begain calling to complain. In addition when I tried to cancel the free HBO I was told it would take my bill up because it was a promotion. Hello....I was told the promotion was free for 3 months so why now tell me it will take my bill up just to cancel and say its party of a package. My bill has gone from $127 to $154 since October when I was told it would stay put by agreeing to the contract and terms. I want this fixed or let out of contract due to "incorrect promise/terms". No one will help resolve this. I even taped last conversation with Manager who then said she would give me three more months until that time when I revisited and my bill still jumped from $136 last month to $154 this month. What kind of service is this......A T & T has lost it's edge!

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Re: How can I get satisfaction with my account

I would suggest that you contact AT&T Customer Care via private message. These are not the same people as the CS/TS reps you call--they are social media managers who can connect you with the right people to escalate your issue. Include your name, account number and your contact information. Watch the blue envelope at the top right of your screen--they usually reply within 1-2 business days.

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Re: How can I get satisfaction with my account

Thanks for the tip about TV going up if you cancel HBO. I am in the midst of trying to get AT&T to honor what the sales rep offered, and it had not occured to me that canceling th e"free" promotions would raise the bill.


I hope you have better luck than I have had on getting your issues fixed.



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