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How can I get a new gateway?


How can I get a new gateway?

I got a new laptop and it is having trouble with my old 2wire 3800HGV.  Every so often, my connection speed just drops to 0.1 Mbps, for no apparent reason.  I can fix it by disabling/enabling my wireless adapter, but that is annoying. I have taken the laptop to two other wireless networks and it works fine, so I think the problem is related to the 2wire somehow.


We have had other problems lately with the 2wire - it stops handing out ip addresses, or just basically freaks out and has to be rebooted. 


I want to get a new gateway, preferably a newer model.  But when I call AT&T, I can't figure out the magic words that will make them send me a (or even sell me) a new gateway.  I don't want a service call, I just want a new gateway.  How can I get one?

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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

You can send a Private message to ATTU-verseCare (blue envelope, top right) with your account number, full name, contact number and the best time you can be reached. That's the community managers whom have contacts directly to the right teams that can help you. There are a few other things I'd recommend checking, such as NAT sessions or improper grounding/bridge taps/other line issues. To check on NAT sessions:

Sometimes, excessive NAT sessions will impede your performance. When there are no service issues detected, this is rarely checked by both customers and by tech support but is often a culprit of low bandwidth readings. You can check your active NAT sessions by going to -> Settings -> Diagnostics -> NAT -> under Current NAT sessions you'll see:

current secs since boot: ...
session table x/1024 available, x/512 used in inbound sessions:

Generally, mine never drops below 800 even when p2p sharing. When you get below 700 sessions, you will notice degredation in HSIA performance. You can barely even browse with <200 sessions available.

For line issues, you can either check with ATT via the community managers (blue envolope) or you could download UV Realtime (www.uvrealtime.com/) and post screenshots without your IP/MAC address so we can help you over the forums.


Though if toggling on/off your wireless adapter temporarily fixes it (and it's not just a coincidence), it's either an issue with the wireless environment (large amount of interference/degredation), the wireless adapter, or the RG.

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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

At the times when I have almost no bandwidth on my new laptop, other machines connected to the RG via wireless are fine.  If I undestand right, that makes me think it is not NAT sessions.


For the past two days I have had a netgear wireless router plugged into my RG, and my new laptop connected to that.  I haven't had any issues.  It seems like some incompatibility between my new hp laptop/realtek wlan adapter and the RG.


I ordered an Intel wlan card to try that out.  It will arrive in a couple days.  But I still feel like a new RG would probably be better.

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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

Do you have internet only or internet and voip only, that is no tv service
Then request purchase of 5031 RG ($100), you own it, 1 year warranty.
The 3800 RG is a leased unit
*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

I have internet and voip only, no tv.  Do I just call the standard support number?  They seem to always want to send a technician.  Is there somewhere else to call to buy a 5031?



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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

Try upgrading the drivers for the wireless card.  Wouldn't be the first time that drivers for a device had bugs in it that caused it to malfunction.


You say that disabling and re-enabling the wireless card fixes the issue.  That tells me that somewhere in the driver for the wireless card a bug is lurking.  Probably a memory leak in which a re-initialization of the driver causes the whatever memory that's been "eaten" to be refreshed and dumped from RAM.


Due to the nature of drivers in the sense that it handles lots of data in near realtime, bugs pop up all the time.  Bad drivers can cause lots of things from malfunctioning devices to a plain old Blue Screen of Death.

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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

Reply with your HP notebook model and I can find the latest Realtek drivers for your wireless card.  HP's web site may say that you have the latest drivers but don't for one second believe it, HP provided drivers tend to be horribly out of date.


Or, you can download IOBit's Driver Booster at http://www.iobit.com/driver-booster.php.  It's a program that scans your drivers and searches for the latest drivers.  Install it, it's a free program, and let it update the wireless card drivers.  Only the wireless card drivers!  Be careful with updating the other drivers.

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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

I had already upgraded the driver for the Realtek.  It did not help.  The one reason that I am not pointing the finger solely at the Realtek is that I ran it for 4 days straight against a different wireless router and it was fine.  But within a couple hours against the 2wire it would freak out.


About 5 minutes ago, I installed a new Intel Centrino wireless card (N 2230).  The laptop is only a week old, but the card was cheap, so I thought I would try.  


The problem was intermittent, so I can't tell yet if it is going to work.  I will post an update after I see how it goes.



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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

Are the other routers the new laptop are working on are wireless N routers? The 2wire RGs are wireless G.


This could point to a driver bug related to wireless G on the card. Something which will probalby never be fixed in the drivers. Hopefully the new card helps, I have had problems with Realtek based cards in the past that will eventually behave as you describe.


You may see some benefit from setting the 3800 RG to not auto set the channel, but to pick one. This may or may not work, but it is possible the card is having problems with the channel switching...


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Re: How can I get a new gateway?

The other router I have hooked up is not an N, it is just G. So that is not it.

After almost two weeks with the Intel wireless card, I haven't had any problems. So, it seems like it was the Realtek card in combination with the 2wire 3800 RG somehow. After comparing the two, I would definitely stay away from Realtek in the future. But I also don't have great confidence in my old 2wire RG.
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