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How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

 Currently an Internet/Phone customer only.  I don't have a TV; I absolutely have no need for Cable.  Yet when I go to upgrade to GigaPower, the only offers I see are the Triple Play and the internet marketing opt-out.  Both of which have cable.  How can I upgrade just my internet speed?  
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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

Well, that was quite the can of worms I opened, wasn't it?  Good thing I'm not in a hurry to upgrade, then...

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

Oh, and as a side note, trying to post anything in these forums is a royal pain in the (insert random body part here).  I keep getting HTML validation errors (despite typing in the RichText box).  It's, frankly, quite pathetic.  

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Very Frustrated

I have had a very frustrating experience so far.  I currently have Internet+Phone and want to upgrade to GigaPower.  However, when I attempt to upgrade, the only option I'm given is the triple play package (TV+Internet+Phone).  The tabs for the other options simply don't appear.


If I attempt to order service as a new customer, all three options appear just fine.


I've spent the better part of Friday and a few moments on Saturday attempting anything I could thing of.  The phone got me nowhere as the CSR just had me repeating the same steps over and over.  Eventually she just told me essentially to check back later since the option was not available yet, which I know is not true (My brother upgraded his without issue).


I tried using the online chat.  Ultimately what I got was "I don't know, sorry".


I considered just upgrading to the TV bundle and then cancelling TV, but hidden in the legaleze is $370 termination fee.  I get the feeling that trying to explain my situation isn't going to get the fee waived later.


The most frustrating bit of all of this is that the (broken) website is the only method to order the service.  It's incredulous that when someone has a problem, the only thing a CSR can do is say "keep trying the website".  Don't get me wrong, normally I'd much rather work things out without human intervention, but when your own site fails, someone on the other end should be able to place the upgrade order for you.


At least I know that there are a few other people out there with the same problem, but who knows how long it will be until the issue is resolved.



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Re: Very Frustrated

Saw this   give them a chance to fix it.

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Re: Very Frustrated

I'm having the same problem as everyone else.  I have Internet plus TV currently, but cannot order Internet only.  Please update soon.

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?



I am sorry to hear of the problems you experienced when posting to this forum.


I have sent you a Private Message. Please click on the blue envelope private message envelope.gif in the upper right hand corner of any forum page.




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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

I think I have a work-around!


I called a rep again today and after a transfer and some back-and-forth we come up with this solution:


  1. Log Out from
  2. Select Shop\U-Verse\U-Verse Internet
  3. Select "Check Availability"
  4. Select"Check using my home address" and enter your install address
  5. On the GigaPower splash screen select "Learn More"
  6. On the "U-Verse is already installed at this location" screen, select "I am moving to this address" and hit "continue"
  7. You should now have the normal 3-tabs of bundle options.  Select the Internet only option and hit "select"
  8. On the Order Summary page, select "Begin Checkout"
  9. You will be asked for your Personal & Credit Information.  Enter it like you normally would, however this info should ultimately not be used.
  10. On the Installation Day Time request, enter your preferences.  Now, here is the key.  In the "comments" tell the order processor that you are an existing customer but were told to use the new customer system to order due to the web problem.  Make sure to include your account number and any special installer instructions.

It appears to have worked.  I now have an open order being processed for a Wednesday install that is linked to my U-Verse account.  Since it appears that the credit checks and order processing are done manualy, they read the comments and make the necessary adjustments to the order.


When I actually have an install date confirmed I will update here.

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

I do indeed have a confirmed installation date on Wednesday.  Issue solved!


I'll post here if for some reason there is a screw-up with the installation or billing, but I think the issue now has a viable solution.

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

Unfortunately, I am now having a problem with the billing where they want to charge me $99/month instead of $70 for the internet service because I have voice.  I posted something in the billing forum.


Why is everything so complicated with AT&T?

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?


Thank you all for your interest in ordering AT&T U-verse with GigaPower! We have researched your concern and unfortunately we do not offer a special package for just internet and phone at this time. While our initial GigaPower offers do not include this as an option we do have plans to add additional offers soon. We have forwarded your concern to the proper channels and will repost on this thread when/if this option becomes available.




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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

"unfortunately we do not offer a special package for just internet and phone at this time"


That isn't solving the problem.  We are trying to get internet without phone or cable.  It is absurd that AT&T cannot solve this simple problem.  Obviously it is better from your standpoint to have us sign up for more than one service.  But we only want internet.  I'm trying to give you my money but you are making it way too difficult.

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

I've gone ahead and cancelled my voice service since having that package was causing me all sorts of headaches with this new gigapower.  I'll find another way to have a home phone for emergencies and save myself the $35/month they wanted so that I could get the $29/month discount on internet.

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

AT&T actually came out and attempted to install today, so the steps I listed above did indeed get around the web problem for ordering.  Too bad I had to cancel voice to get it, but I'll find another way.


Also unfortunately, the installation was unsuccessful because of a bad or unconfigured switch in my neighborhood (my brother living next-door's installation failed too).  But that's not related to the ordering problem, so yay?

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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

I just got off the phone with at&t.  I used the work around as mentioned above to get internet without cable or phone service.  I also opted out of the "Premier" offer.  As stated on the terms of the website, this would cost $106/mo and the $100 installation fee is not waived.  I was okay with that, however, I was told that I would still be locked in to a 1 year term.  So I cancelled.  

Guess I'll just wait for Google.  smh


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Re: How can I get GigaPower without Cable?

I'm thinking about doing this as well (just canceling my voice plan)... Interesting that ATT would rather have us cancelling our voice service.


Moving to Oooma, Vonage or Google voice will likely save me money in the long run but it seems counter intuitive that ATT is actually pushing people to cancel phone service in order to get better internet service...

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