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How can I get ATT to install Uverse in my neighborhood


How can I get ATT to install Uverse in my neighborhood

I have had Uverse for 2 years and loved it, but when I moved into my new house I found out it was unavailable with no timeframe as to when it would be available here. How can I get ATT to put a rush on connecting my neighborhood or even just get me installed with it again? I am having to use Comcast now because I don't want a contract and I hate it. Worse customer service and nothing but problems with them.





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Re: How can I get ATT to install Uverse in my neighborhood

Unfortunately ATT does not announce ahead of time where the build outs are taking place.
The current project VIPis expected tobe completed by end of 2015, 75% of all locations will have some form of Uverse, either ipdslam ADSL2+ (internet only or internet/phones) or VDSL allowing for IPTV as well as previously mentioned connections.

The remaining 25% will be offered internet on 4G LTE wireless connections.

Which one are you, I do not know, but generally ATT will do mailings and door 2 door canvassing when opening up a new area.
Really just a waiting game. Should know within 2 years your options.
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