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Horrific Customer Service....


Horrific Customer Service....

8/28/2013: Today I had the very unpleasant experience of calling ATT customer service. Unfortunately, I spoke with Shontel, who was very rude and confrontational. When I asked for the escalation department, she informed me: "Too late, they're closed!". I then asked for a manager. Shontel then stated, "Sureeeee, no problem!". I knew that the real problem was coming...It seemed as though I was on hold waiting for the "manager" forever.....


Lamont then came on the line. This person identified himself as the "floor supervisor". He raised his voice, spoke over me and refused to listen to the purpose of my call. I terminated the call immediately. As I am an HR professional, it seems to me that ATT can well afford in this economy and given the jobless rate, to either hire the RIGHT people with the RIGHT customer service orientation or provide extensive training to their current staff.


Instead of providing great customer service benchmarks, you get customers like myself that will be filing online complaints with the BBB, California State Attorney General, California Public Utility Commission and the FTC - immediately.

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Re: Horrific Customer Service....

Hello Privateyez007.  Thank you for registering and for your post.


I know my apologies for your experience are not what you are looking for, however I am sincerely sorry for how you were treated. 


I would like to offer some assistance.  We have a wonderful group of managers that your issue can be escalated to.  If you could send them a private message, by clicking ATTCustomerCare and provide your name, email address, account number, contact number and a good time for you to be reached, a manger will contact you directly.


Please be sure to provide the details of your issue/concern in your private message.  This will allow the assigned manager to research everything before replying.


Thanks again for your feedback on your experience.  I hope you give our folks an opportunity to help get things resolved for you.  ~Delia

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