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Hisense Remote Code...


Hisense Remote Code...

I have a Hisense tv I just hooked up to our Uverse box. I can't pair the remote with it however, so I have no control over volume, tv/video, or power from afar.
The normal code (1112) has no effect.
Anyone know why? Or how to fix it?

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ACE - Expert

Re: Hisense Remote Code...

Check out help & chan 411 on TV. If you cannot get it to work, Radio Shack has Logitech Harmony 200 for $20. Here is link to check if your TV is supported. Hisense is on the list, you wil have to enter model #.
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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I also have a Hisnese HDTV, and experienced the faulty code issue. After doing some research Hinsense also mfgrs Hitachi tv's as well.


So I then entered the Hitachi code of 1013  or 1041.    And one of those works perfectly on the Hisense.


I hope this helps.



good luck

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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

Thanks for posting that info.

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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I just used 1363 for a Hisense '32 inch and it works on all functions. Power, volume, and mute. I pulled it off of another forum.
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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I used code 1004 and it worked perfectly on my brand new Hisense 42 inch TV.
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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I just purchased a HiSense 42" TV from Costco, model 42K26.

The codes supplied form the U-verse controller don't work; besides they are only 3 digits long.

I have tried MANY different codes, AT&T even sent me a new "black" controller, but nothing controls all U-verse and TV functions.


HiSense tech support suggested codes 1041 or 1346, but (again) they don't work all functions.  If you have this TV model and have found a code that works, I'd sure appreciate the help.   Thanks.

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ACE - Expert

Re: Hisense Remote Code...

TomHam_1 - I looked up your model # on Logitech website & it says the Harmony remote does not support it either. However, it is a learning remote. So, you can teach it what you need from the TV remote. Radio Shack has a model 300 for $30. Newegg has recond mod 300 for $17 incl shipping.


I have recommended to many people that were unable to find codes to support their devices with the U-verse remote that they get a Logitech Harmony remote.


Many of those people feel they do not want to, or should not have to, spend their own money for a remote.


Others, have a very complex setup and are willing to spend their money to maximize their viewing experience.


The U-verse remote is effective for only a subset of basic activities with the most popular equipment, The Harmony provides more efficient control of complex setups across a broader range of equipment.


Until sometime in 2011 the Harmony only offered expensive models (over $100). In 2011 they introduced the model 300 ($30) followed by the model 200 ($20). Although, these only support one activity - Watch TV - they are more effective than the U-verse remote.


This writeup shows the functional differences between the two remotes to assist in deciding whether or not to go for a Harmony.


U-verse remote vs. Logitech Harmony Model 300 - Both can control four devices (STB, TV, DVD, Aux) under one activity - Watch TV.


Logitech Harmony Model 300 -


Must be able to do something no other remote can do to convince you to spend $30 to buy it so Logitech can make a profit.


Monster library of supported devices. (amazing how libraries grow over the years). You can predetermine support of make & model via web site ( Since device support is defined in detail, a Logitech customer service rep (CSR) can help with any problems,


To program - Enter device make model in computer  based wizard. When device is supported, all functions are supported. IR signals can be learned from device remote. CSR can download changes that affect only you,


IR/function/button  map - You can map any button to any function. You can pick buttons based on your preference, instead of someone else's. Logitech can add any new IR code format to function mapping via download.


Watch TV button - Turns on/off selected devices. Sets correct input. Ability to sequence devices and introduce delay between devices.


Change from Watch TV mode to individual device control with one button push. And, vice-versa. Same volume/mute buttons will affect different devices (STB, TV, HT) depending on device selected and the one user selected for the Watch TV activity. Note that the U-verse phantom mute can be unmuted with four button pushes - device mode, STB, mute, return to watch TV mode.


Able to buy more advanced remotes for more money - more devices, more activities(e.g. Watch OTA, Watch DVD, Watch TV with HT sound), more display (LCD screen) of functions. Multiple activities appears to be a concept unique to the Logitech Harmony. It allows the same buttons to be applied different sets of devices based on what the viewer is watching (i.e. an activity). It is especially valuable for complex setups and/or people with only basic knowledge of the operation of the remote.




U-verse  remote is provided free to watch U-verse TV. Support for some functions on some other devices is included so that it can be called "universal". But there is no business driver to spend money to assure full support of all functions on all possible devices .


Limited library of supported devices. Vague lists by type/mfgr. No model detail. No definitive/comprehensive list of codes. If support is not accomplished, there is no way to find out if it should be supported until you find that the remote works for you. Since device support is not defined in detail customer service rep cannot help with problems.


To program- Enter an arbitrary code that may be difficult (or impossible) to determine or step through every possible entry. Possibly finding some partially supported sets.  No IR learning.


IR/function/button  map - Button/IR map cannot change. IR/function map can only change if U-verse globally changes STB software. No ability to provide individual tuning.


Watch TV (ATT/power) -  Turns on/off selected devices. Does not set input. No ability to sequence devices or introduce delay.


Default mode of operation is Watch TV (Channel change on STB, Volume on TV, Power up STB/TV). To vary operation requires reprogramming with more arbitrary codes applied to individual functions. No clear distinction between Watch TV and individual device control (i.e. difficult to change operation between Watch TV and controlling individual services.)


Point anywhere remote is only extra cost upgrade - provides RF (with STB distinction) and learning. New buddy TV is good if you already have supported equipment (e.g iphone). But, it probably has similar limitations to the standard remote because it would be based on that design





*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I have a new 46" Hisense and the manufacturer could not help me and neither could At&T, but someone here posted that I should try 1041. I did and it worked. I can now use my AT&T remote to turn my tv off and on.
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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

Thanks the Hitachi code 1041 worked

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Re: Hisense Remote Code...

I just got a Hisense 50H8C smart tv. The code that worked for my ATT U-verse remote was 1041. I'm now able to turn off/on, adjust volume and change channels.
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