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Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.


Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.

Having a bizarre problem with doing series record for one show on one network.  Every other show I've set up is recording fine, and other shows I try to do series record on that same network all work fine.  It's just the ONE SHOW, (which happens to be my FAVORITE SHOW, Supernatural) that I lost all 8 seasons of when I had to change my DVR box last week)

The fact that it is THAT particular show also seems weird...I mean, what are the odds?  But I SET it for series record, it SAYS series record...I set it for any time, any day, since TNT shows multiple eps each day.  But only the first one of the day records, and only for that day.  It doesn't show any scheduled for the future as all my other series records do.  I can record individual eps just fine, but I want the whole series and not to miss any....also, to have them all grouped together. Other shows they they show multiple times a day work just fine on series record when I set it for THOSE shows.  Just not the one I want.  Anyone ever experience this before??  Even stumped the tech support people who are going to be checking further.)

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Re: Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.

I have had this problem in the past as well, but not with the show that you are having the problem with.


What I have done in the past  is to delete the series and start a new series or set the series up again. Not sure why this happens but it does.

Also I check to make sure that the recording are going to record by pressing "Recorded TV" then >>>> to "Scheduled" and page through to make sure I see what is getting recorded.


Also the DVR is not for long term  storage.

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Re: Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.

I have also had the same problem, and Jeffster's suggestions are very good.  I also tried the usual reboots, and TS was unable to help.  But the workaround was effective, and the problem went away as mysteriously as it appeared.



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Re: Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.

A couple of quick thoughts:


I believe there is a setting that states 'once a day', so you migh check that.


If you have already recorded those on TNT, the underlying DVR logic may not record them again because it thinks they are duplicates. I ran into the exact same issue with a program on my local PBS station that is not available on DVD. Since I had already recorded both seasons, I had to manually record the replacements when my DVR died.

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Re: Having problem with "series record" for just ONE show.

I have had this issue as well.  My solution was to erase the series recording, but after setting up a new one I got the same problem.  What I did was setup several series recordings of that program, and after my scheduled recordings happened as scheduled for some time I deleted all but the last series recording that I set up.  This worked for me, but it has been a couple of years since I have had that happen.  As stated in the earlier post, every day I check my scheduled recordings to make sure the programs have the red dot/dots indicating that the program will be recorded.

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