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Having Problems Recently


Having Problems Recently

My service has been excellent for the past 4/5 years but the last month I've had total outage problems that happen at least once every couple of days. The TV and Internet will go out for about 10 to 15 minutes. Nearby neigbors are saying they don't have an issue. AT&T has sent a new gateway which didn't resolve the problem. A couple of techs came out and they didn't see any issues but said it could be the port in the  vrad and they would have at&t monitor it for 72 hrs. Unfortunatelty, it didn't go out during those 72 hrs. Here are the Uverse realtime screenshots.







Any suggestions? Thanks

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Re: Having Problems Recently

Your stats look good, RG has been replaced with 3801, continued intermittent rebooting suspect due to errors.

Many possibilities both inside home, outside home, controllable, non controllable.

After several years problem free, has anything changed?
Region of country?

Outside ATT possible issue, flake port VRAD, water in lines (cold temps in North is ice, non conductivity the weather warms up ice melts creates line issues (old phone pots circuit static), when temps drop ice no issue.
If water in line will see more of this in spring during and after rains.

Automatic lights, bad ballast generating noise, line affected by interference.
Large number of thunder storms nearby could have an affect (no issue for 72 hours)
In an area where someone recently set up ham radio, not properly shielded, when broadcast creates interference.
Inside home flaky home run, jack, or data cable.
Experience voltage drops to RG, or noise added to electrical line from motors, compressor, electric tools, microwaves, tread mills, etc.
Recently became aware of voltage from some tvs back feeding into hdmi cable, to RG creating issues. Just for stray voltage back of tv, a grounding kit is available from coax input of tv, to wall socket...cannot go to power strip.

Other possibilities
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Re: Having Problems Recently

Do you know if you have a dedicated run from your NID (box on the back of the house) to your Residential Gateway (RG)?  If not, how is it connected?

If Coax or telephone wiring, have you made any changes to your coax, or telephone wiring?


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Re: Having Problems Recently

I sure hope that technology has advanced enought that many of the issues you mentioned are not problematic these days, but I guess they still exist. I live in the deep south so ice is not normally a problem. Nothing has changed in the past 4/5 years except a Kurig coffee maker and a few CFL bulbs replaced with LED's Smiley Happy

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Re: Having Problems Recently

There is a single line from the NID directly to the gateway, ethernet cat5. There are no splits in that cable and it connects to nothing else but the gateway.

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