Has anyone had any trouble using UVerse or customer service.....


Has anyone had any trouble using UVerse or customer service.....

I purchased a U-Verse acct in October. I cancelled the UVerse acct within the 30 required because we could never get an agent to come out at the scheduled time. My wife and I even had our work schedules adjusted to the needs of the chosen agent for installment but he was never on time so we had to go to work. We cancelled and ordered again at a later date. During the month of November, my checking account was charged $72 for the first account had had been closed for over 3 weeks. I have called REPEATEDLY asking for my money to be refunded to my checking account due to their error. I was told it would be returned in 1-2 business days. Five days had gone by and still no money. I called again and was placed on hold for long periods of time while your techs try to figure out what to say to me. I finally got "another" answer and they told me I would be receiving a check in the mail in 5-7 days. Stillllll no money. I call and call and continue to get the run around from this company. This is beyond unacceptable. My family has been with AT&T for years and enjoyed your services until now.
I called and spoke with "another" agent for U-Verse this morning (12/30/2013) and was placed on hold for 18 minutes and then told by another person to CALL BACK!!!!! They need to verify the account. I get this story everytime I call and I stillll don't understand what is needed to verify. Its clear the error that was made and it shouldn't have taken over a month for me to get my money back. If they found an error the first time I called, why are they still stalling for time to refund my money. Once this is resolved, we will be taking our business elsewhere. This is like stealing.

Mr. & Mrs Lewis

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Re: Has anyone had any trouble using UVerse or customer service.....

First, remove your personal phone number from the public post.  Then, send a Private Message (Blue Envelope Icon in top right) to @ATTU-verseCare and they will be able to help you with your account specific issue.

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Re: Has anyone had any trouble using UVerse or customer service.....

Yes. We have had nothing but trouble since we signed up with UVerse. In my personal opinion, AT & T is one of the most dysfunctional organization when it comes to customer support and answering billing questions. They are simply good at signing you up for services and having you sign a contract but when it comes to customer support they simply do not care. When you call them if you get through you end with a busy signal or dropped call. They direct it to the internet but there is no way to contact them through it either. Good luck getting your money back...

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Re: Has anyone had any trouble using UVerse or customer service.....

I agree with dsando, about contacting AT&T Customer Care.  click on the link in my sig for AT&T Customer Care and send them a PM.  They are an escalation team that is higher than Customer Service, who can get you help you desire.  Send them your info and your concern and they will get in touch with you.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification.  Because they will reply to you initially via PM as well.

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