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Hard Reset DVR?


Hard Reset DVR?

So i am in day 2 of Uverse service...and on my 2nd svc call.  :smileysad:


While on the phone with support they informed me that holding down the OK and ArrowDown on my VIP1216 would force it to hard reboot and reload....which it doesnt.


Tried google for an answer and, no joy.


Anyone know the key sequence to get the hard reboot/update done?


Thanks in advance....



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Re: Hard Reset DVR?

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Re: Hard Reset DVR?

I just went through his today, with the Motorola VIP1216 DVR unit.  Soft reset is holding power for 5 seconds.  A more complete reset is power cycling by unplugging/replugging the power cord.  The symptom I was having is that it would show the 3 dots on screen, then blank screen, then eventually go back 3 dots.  We tried both of the aforemention resets to no avail.  Then AT&T remotely restarted my router, which made no difference.  Finally, she asked me to "reinitialize the DVR", which she said would result in the loss of all my recorded programs.  The good news, is that although initially they were gone, after a few minutes they all reappeared, so perhaps it clears the index but leaves the files on the disk and when it does housekeeping it finds them.  Before trying this procedure, I would assume that you will lose your programming, but might not.  Anyway, the complete reinitialization sequence is to 1) unplug the power cord (turning off the power button doesn't really power it off), 2) while pressing OK and down arrow, plug it back in.  Continue holding the buttons until the gear appears.  The first gear means it is downloading the new software from the server and will take 3-7 minutes depending on your internet speed.  Then it goes to 2 gears, which means that it is "loading" the software.  This takes even longer, probably about 5-8 minutes.  Eventually it will show the at&t banner a few times, and then do a normal reset.
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Re: Hard Reset DVR?

Thank you to whoever posted the hard reset instructions.  I can confirm that they work very least for me, they did.


This morning at about 4:45 am I received an onscreen message about an update being available.  I clicked the button to start the update.  On the screen, it stated that if the update did not progres for 15 minutes I should disconnect the power cord for 10 seconds and plug it back in. The update stalled for almost 20 minutes, so I unplugged and plugged back in the cord.


Well, that started an extremely slow hard reset.  The single gear screen came up and it was still loading when I left for work.  I came back home this afternoon and noticed that the power button was still lit and only the green indicator light on the box was on.  I turned on the t.v. and saw a red "X".  I tried the hard reset again but also called tech. support for assistance.  The rep. advised that I was doing the right thing and to just wait it out.  He even called me back 30 minutes later and I stated that it was still progressing.


Nearly 3 hours later, I again got the red "X".  I called tech. support again and they advised I would need a service call.  We scheduled a call for Friday.


Then, I went online to this message board and saw the previous posting about the extra step (holding in "ok" and "down arrow" on box while plugging cord back in).  I followed those instructions, figuring I could not be any worse off.  The hard reset went much faster and after a total of only 20 minutes my t.v. service was back on.


I did have to reset my aspect ratio for the HD, but otherwise the guide functions and all channels came back.  As of right now, I have lost all previously recorded programs in my DVR (but I would have lost them anyway if the technician had swapped out my box).  However, all scheduled recordings are still set and my series recordings are there as well.


We'll see if the previous recordngs come back or not, but I am pleased that this has worked. Just in case, I will not cancel my service call until tomorrow morning (assuming no other issues come up overnight). 

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Re: Hard Reset DVR?

The Hard Reset worked for..... The tech support rep didn't mention these instructions, which is not good!!! You are helping people everyday. I'm in Little Rock, AR.
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