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HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....


HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

OK, i have talked to over a dozen people at AT&T and have been cold transferred around to numerous departments, spents hours on hold, disconnected after working for more than 2 hours on call with representitives with no one ever calling me back. i have had AT&T call center representitives take my number, promising to find a resolution to my problem and call me back, never heard from again. I went to the AT&T store and no one there could or wanted to work to get my problems solved. Finally a very nice lady from AT&T retention took ownership of my problem and said she was going to escalate the problem and that it generally take 72 hours for these issues to be resolved. Well she called back 72 hours later and said she made a mistake and that it would be monday before we might hear anything. Everyone that has looked deep enough into this has been able to see that i do not owe AT&T any past due amount.


First a little about what services we are currently using with AT&T, We have the fastest most exspensive high speed internet service, Uverse 450 and 3 wireless phones on a 10 GB shared data account. Our total AT&T bill each month is around $400. We have never made a late payment and current on all bills.


Well when we went to add the new line, at&t credit says we owe a past due balance of $400.37 from back in 2011 on a old closed Uverse account. We did change to Comcast then and later came back to at&t, but that account was paid in full and the equipment was returned timely. When we started back with Uverse, our first payment somehow went onto this closed account, we had to call and get the balance transferred from the old account to our new one. Of course, if there was a balance on old account, there is no way they would transferr funds from account and leave a past due balance, but this is not obvious to at&t reps on phone. Nor is the fact that if there really was a past due balance of $400.37 on my account, no way would at&t ever allow another account to be opened before paying it off. This alleged bill is from 2011, we have had contunous wireless service for over 5 years, it has been almost 2 years on this new at&t uverse account and this is the first time we have ever heard of any past due bill. 

  This all started because i wanted to get my son his first cell phone, we stood in line for hours waiting for Apple store to open so we would get the new gold iPhone 5s on the day it was released. After hours in store on phone with at&t, we finally resigned to give up the phone to someone else and leave, this was very upsetting to my son and to me. I stayed on phone all that day with at&t and it ended with a at&t agent promising to get this issue resolved and call me back, i never heard from her again.


Today is the 7th day of trying to resolve this issue, i do not know what else to do. I do know before i pay at&t for a bill that i do not owe, i will use the $400.37 to early terminate my wireless account and move my services to another company.




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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

Since this is account specific, you should PM AT&T U-verse Care who can help get your issue resolved.  


Check the settings on your account to make sure that you can receive email notification when a PM is received.

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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

I back up what Skeeter suggested.  Customer Care is an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Support.  Watch the blue envelope for message notification at the top of the forum page, as they will reply to you via PM as well.

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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

Well the AT&T rep that promised us a resolution to this matter by Monday never called us back, we gave them another day and still no call telling us the issue has been resolved, not even a call to tell us status of what is going on. More very bad customer service, we did nothing wrong, why are we being treated like no one cares what happens to this issue?  This is really  getting to be more trouble than it is worth, but i refuse to give up, i probably still will stop using AT&T after this, but i want it settled before i do anything. Should i report this to the BBB

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I took your advice and forwarded the post and my account information to customer care, but i am not holding my breath on the hope they really care about customers.  

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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

Well it has been 24 hours since i messaged customer care and i haven't heard anything, nothing! Got any other advice? This is very typical for the service i have received. Everyone wants to send me to another department, no one wants to roll up their sleeves and do a little work themselves


LOL  thanks guys!


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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

Great NEWS! Someone called from AT&T and they are going to escalate this problem to a department other than the department they actually work for, gee thanks! I have been passed off more than a baby with a dirty diaper! All i have to do is wait another 72 hours for the team to take a look at this! Of course that doesn't count weekends and tomorrow is Friday, so it will definately be next week before no one calls me back from the AT&T executive management, They act like they are the first ones from AT&T to pull this pass me off to the executive managers routine on me, AT&T did this last week too, i waited 7 days for their 72 hours to get over with and AT&T  never contacted me again, and everyone at AT&T that i have talked to since acts like nothing ever happened, i could have had the teenager working at burger place down the road checking in on my problem with same results as i got from the escalation managers at AT&T. I don't need anyone from AT&T telling me they are sending my problem anywhere, or telling me to email another AT&T department, what  i need is for someone to say i am going to make take ownership of this issue until it has been resolved. What a concept!!  I am a genious..  I think i might have just revolutionized customer service!!   LOL!!

 IF whoever is working on customer's problem and cannot fix it, they should give the project to someone more capable than theirself, if that person cannot resolve it, they should pass it up as well. Why would anyone just decide that they can't fix the problem and then just walk away from it, leaving the customer waiting for support that is never coming??? WHO DOES THIS AND CAN KEEP THEIR JOB???  This is wrong on sooooooo many levels and no one at AT&T seems to care.  


14 days since this started and it still hasn't been resolved, but hey in 72 hour or next week, which ever is the longest time, someone will not call me back.

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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

I just really don't know what else to say, i hate being right

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Re: HELP!! I have been trying to resolve billing error for days.....

Ok, it has now been 30 days and AT&T still has not been able to correct this issue. I guess if no one can do anything about this by now, then it will never be taken care of. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  They claim to have escalated this to the highest support team at AT&T, what a joke! When i asked the Executive support man to average the first three months of our payments and compare it with the next three months to verify that all payements were in full and correct, he said he didnt have the ability to do that, Then how in the world can he be the top teir support for billing? How could he be investigating any billing problem?  Why would he waste two weeks of my time for nothing? This is last time i am going to post on this smore than happy to give it to anyone besides ubject, that doesn't mean it has been resolved, it just means i have had enough and i am dropping all services with AT&T and i will for the rest of my life tell anyone who will listen that i gave AT&T 30 days to send me a bill if i owe it and they could NOT!!! Nor could they clear it off their records. Not only will they lose me as a customer for life, which i plan on liiving another 25 years at the rate i am paying, means they will not get the $127,500 from me. I will be AT&T. 

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