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HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound


HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

Hello all-


I've had my U-verse setup about a week now and have found something odd. I'd like to know if there is a problem with how my TV is handling audio or if this is a DVR bug.


My setup:


Cisco IPN4320 --> HDMI --> Panasonic PZ80 plasma

               AND --> Optical --> Yamaha RX-V663


Sometimes we watch TV without the receiver on, and sometimes with it on. The problem is, if the Cisco DVR is set to output Surround Sound, there is absolutely no sound from the TV via HDMI (Yamaha receiver not on). The DVR has to be set to Stereo in order to get HDMI audio directly from the TV. So, if we want to listen through the Yamaha receiver then I have to manually change it over to Surround Sound, then change it back to Stereo once I turn the receiver off to listen back through the TV.


Never had this problem with DirecTV HR20 or HR21 DVRs. Any ideas?




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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

You setup is working correctly according to the way ATT has it setup now unluckily. :smileywink:



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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

I had the same problem:


My setup is U-verse STB to Yamaha receiver to TV all via HDMI.  The only potential solution is to go component video and optical audio from U-verse to Yamaha and then HDM from Yamaha to TV.  However, AT&T says that they do not support component video switched through a receiver.  Makes no sense.  I'll play around with it this weekend and post the results.

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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

The solution is as follows:


1. Remove the HDMI cable.

2. Use component connections (3x RCA connectors, colored Red-Green-Blue, labeled Y-Pb-Pr) from the U-Verse box to the TV for the video.

3. Use RCA connections (2x RCA connectors, colored Red-White, labeled L-R) from the U-Verse box to the TV for the audio.

4. Use optical connection from the U-Verse box to the Yamaha AV receiver.

5. Set the U-Verse box audio option to surround sound.


Now the TV will get 2-channel sound under all circumstances, and the Yamaha will get 5.1 when available, and no switching has to happen.


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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

I have had Uverse for over 1 year now. I have a Cisco receiver running into a Hitachi Plasma receiver. I have only an HDMI cable connected from the receiver to the Plasma. Up until 1 month ago I got sound through the TV stereo speakers on either SD or HD  channels. One month ago I had have to change the sound output setings in the Cisco receiver from Surround Sound to Stereo to get sound on all channels. I'm a tech and the HDMI cable is good. Either

they changed the setup so HDMI will not transmit the stereo signal in surround sound mode any longer, someone doesn't know what they are are talking about or thre is an equipment problem. The tech I spoke with said that if you have an HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV and don't get sound on all channels (whether HD or SD), thre is eithre and equipment or cable problem. Since I had stereo Sound from the TV until a month ago with the HDMI feeding the TV and Sound output set to surround sound, I vote that until then I had a good receiver or they changed the programming that removed sound from the HDMI signal from the Surround Setting without telling anyone.


I'm absolutely sure the setting was set to surround sound because I also have an optical output running to a surround system. I had it set like this so if i didn't want to run surround, I just left the suround system off and

listentened to the audio through the TV's audio speakers. That setting has not changed, only the functionality



The tech asked if I had a  Revision C receiver. I told him I didn't know and asked how I could tell. He stated that

their procedures require a dispatch with my symptoms. He stated I should get audio to the TV, through the HDMI cable,  no matter what the Audio output settings are set to on the Cisco receiver. We will find out more tomorrow.




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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

To get true surround sound (5.1 Dolby Digital) from the U-verse STBs, in addition to the digital audio setting being set to surround sound, the system sounds also have to be turned off.  If system sounds are turned on, you will get 2-channel PCM regardless of the surround sound setting.


When you lost sound about a month ago, could this be because you turned system sounds off?  (Menu -> Options -> Audio/Language Options -> System Sound Effects)


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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

Thanks for the reply. Systems sounds have always been off. A tech replaced the receiver and all works well again. I get two channel sound from all channels including all 5.1 channnels.

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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

I currently switched to U-verse and have been having audio drops with HD i am using a HDMI cable to my Denon avr-591 receiver and HDMI form the receiver to my TV. I have also have tried component cables to the receiver with optical audio cable to receiver and still have the audio drops. I have switched STB and have replaced the Denon receiver thinking that was the problem. I have also tried different component cables thinking that could be the problem. Any suggestions to fix the audio drops?

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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

I spent almost an hour with AT&T tech support last night with the same problem.  I have the same setup.  I have intermittent sound on surround sound setup when the signal is Pro logic II.  No problems with Dolby Digital.  I was advised by AT&T to loose the HDMI cable.  However the TV is 3D and I need the HDMI for 3D.  3D is the whole reason I bought the new TV!  Finally the tech admitted that AT&T was aware of the problem and was working on it.   From the other posts it appears they have been working on it for a long time.  So GIANT AT&T doesn't employ anybody smart enough to figure this out???? I guess technology has progressed faster than the geniuses at AT&T.   Oh and by the way AT&T Uverse offers a 3D ESPN Channel but guess what, you'll need an HDMI cable to watch it, but oh thats right AT&T says don't use a HDMI cable!!!!!!!!

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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

AT&T's 3D is in "frame compatible" side-by-side format, and your 3D TV should still be able to render the 3D picture even with component cables.


This is not true of 3D Blu-Ray sources, where the 3D format is native, and requires HDMI.


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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

I was having the same problem with my Samsung TV that is clearly labeled with Dolby Digital on the HDMI ports.  The only solution I have found is to hook the Uverse receiver directly to your surround sound with an optical cable.  This fixed all surround sound issues, but it is not the way I really want it hooked up.  I have not tried running the hdmi cable directy to the receiver, but I would hope that it would work the same way.

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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

Actually the manual for the box says hdmi should output digital sound, but they have something wrong in their firmware that directs surround sound through optical only. This seems like a simple fix. Don't understand why they can't figure it out.
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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

For what it is worth, I have a VIP2250 connected to an Integra 50.4 7.1 surround AVR which is then connected to a Panasonic Plasma. When watching HD channels, audio is properly represented whether it PLIX, DTS or Dolby digital 5.1. I can offer no explanation for why others are having issues, but I thought it should be known that not every configuration is problematic.
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Re: HDMI Audio Problem - No Surround Sound

Sorry, I should clarify that the Intengra AVR is connected to the TV via HDMI. All connections are HDMI, no components or optical, and the audio is properly identified and represented.
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