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HD Issues


HD Issues

I have searched for help with this issue and haven't found anyone with my exact issue. I have had an issue with HD channels for well over a year now. When any show is recorded in HD, the playback freezes and is choppy about every 10-15 seconds. If I am watching live TV in an HD channel, I cannot pause the feed or else it wil start to freeze and become choppy. I didn't have this issue at my previous residence. None of my friends or family with Uverse has ever experienced this issue either. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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Re: HD Issues

What market are you in? What brand d.v.r.? i.e. Motorola vip1225/2250 or Cisco.

Did you try doing a full system reboot at the gateway?, not just the box?

Did you call att tech support or have a tech come out?

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Re: HD Issues

I am in Dallas/Ft. Worth and have a 1225. Definitely tried all rebooting possibilities and haven't actually spoken to customer service. Each time I would have the chance there would be a long hold time and I would have to hang up to continue on with my daily activities. I decided to post here just in case anyone else had had the issue and knew what needed to be done. 

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Re: HD Issues

daunh - So, you do not have any issues with live TV?? & you watched a show live while it was recording & the problem is only on the recording??

Kind of odd, because, even live goes through the DVR. Could be a bad DVR.

What do your TV connections look like? - Cat5 or COAX or mix? I am thinking that the DVR is connected to the RG COAX. Could be a loose connection.

I would try the DVR connected to the RG cat5. If it is a problem call for a replacement DVR. Replacing loses recordings.


One other, far out possiblity - If the connection to the TV is HDMI, try component cables.

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Re: HD Issues

Sounds like a possible bad DVR.

Try the reboots of the DVR and gateway, if that doesn't work, please call technical support, describe the problem, and ask for a DVR replacement.
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Re: HD Issues

I agree. A bad d.v.r. Request a tech to come out and request a VIP2250 to be on the truck. Be insistant of this. Trust me. All your problems will be no longer. Good luck. 

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