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HBO GO sub account?


HBO GO sub account?

I just started getting cable service from AT&T yesterday & went to set up my HBO Go account today. I had no problems setting it up. I even watched an HBO show from my Roku box. Then I got online and tried to log in and got this message: "Primary account not registered. This is a Sub-Account.  To sign in with this account, please register the Primary Account first." The problem is, I don't have any sub accounts. I went to my AT&T Uverse profile under Manage Sub Accounts & it says there is no sub account associated with my Uverse account. Going to Sign Up on the HBO Go website gives the same error message. Any solutions?

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Re: HBO GO sub account?

Welcome carlyerwin,


Thanks for your post!  While reviewing posts today, I saw that you had not received a reply to your post.  Here is some information that I found in AT&T Support:


"If you experience a problem logging in to these apps on your smartphone or other mobile device, please contact AT&T Customer Care at 800-288-2020 for assistance. If you experience difficulty with the apps after login, please contact the content providers directly for assistance."


I'm not sure if you are trying to log in on your computer or other device, but it would seem AT&TCustomerCare might be the place for you to start, if you are still experiencing difficulty logging in.  You can send them a private message at the link below:




I hope this helps.



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Re: HBO GO sub account?



I'm not sure if your issue has been resolved, but I too was having the same problem. I use Google Chrome. I kept going to tried to watch....Went to sign up, picked UVerse and KEPT getting the same message........the "sub account" message. What I did to fix my problem.....I opened a new tab incognito. I did that, went through the same steps was THEN directed to the actual "sign in" page. Signed in with my ATT login information and it went through. The only thing is you can't watch anything Incognito. I closed EVERYTHING and tried again and it works fine.

   I hope this helps. Happy viewing.

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Re: HBO GO sub account?

I went and cleared all my website data, cookies and such, and then went back and it worked fine.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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