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Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem


Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

Hi, I got Gigapower installed yesterday in Cedar Park.  The Verizon speed test tells me I get about 320Mbit down with only about 60-90Mbit up.  This is wired into the modem directly into a laptop ethernet port. 


I've tried 2 different laptops and a couple different cables.


I called my installer, and he said that it sounds like that's just how it is if I tried all that.  Has anyone else had this type of problem with Gigapower?  I'm not overly concerned about achieving a full 300 up, but I am concerned that this lack of upload speed may be a bad indicator of things to come when they increase the speed.


If there's any settings I should try on the NVG589, I'd be glad to try.

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Re: Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

Just to add, I tried both Cat 5e and Cat 6 cables.

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Re: Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

I just tried plugging directly into the outside jack that I learned about after calling the installer.  Sure enough, the upload speed is low out there too.  


I phoned AT&T to see if they can send someone out.  I guess this one isn't a config issue or a house wiring issue at least.

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Re: Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

They had someone out within 2 hours.  He swapped the modem, and all is well.  320 down, 318 up.  Smiley Happy


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Re: Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

Man I hope this comes to Michigan soon

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Re: Gigapower - Upload Speed Problem

" Man I hope this comes to Michigan soon"

Appears initial roll out is for those already on FTTP connections, in favorable markets....currently restricted to Texas locations Austin and Dallas but would expect more in future....when, where is question.

" Stephenson said AT&T also will deploy FTTH in markets where it can get the same terms and conditions it received in Austin, Tex" .... " AT&T initially deployed FTTH in Austin as a competitive to response to Google Fiber, which had negotiated terms and conditions with the city aimed at minimizing the cost of a high-speed FTTH network deployment. AT&T requested the same terms and conditions from the city that Google had negotiated."

Currently Fiber and GPON ONTs installed by CIM with SD&A Uverse techs handling inside work.
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