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Frequent connection interruptions


Frequent connection interruptions

I'm getting the following up to 20 times a day: dst= ipprot=17 sport=58367 dport=53 Drop traffic to


This log entry coincides with interrupted service for 5-10 seconds.  Tech support is trying to claim that I'm being "hacked" somehow, which is ridiculous.  I see that some people have experienced similar issues (with the same errors in the log) but no resolutions.


This is in Houston, TX and the connection is FTTP to a 2wire 3801.  No issues until about two weeks ago; it's been every day since.


Has anyone seen this before?  If I can't get it resolved I need to cancel my service as soon as possible, so I rely on this connection for work every day.

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Re: Frequent connection interruptions

What is the source IP address? And why is it xxx'd out? In the 2Wire firewall logs, this is the address that the packet is coming from.
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Re: Frequent connection interruptions

The source is my external IP address which I didn't want to post.  After going around in circles for a bit we ended up replacing the modem and so far I've gone an entire work day without being disconnected.

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Re: Frequent connection interruptions

Do you have a 3rd-party router installed as the DMZPlus device? If so, and the source IP address is your external IP address, then your router is misconfigured. Your router is attempting to resolve DNS queries using, which is an RFC-1918 private (non-routable) IP address, thus the RG refuses to route it and makes a firewall log entry.
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Re: Frequent connection interruptions

It's been well over a month since the technician put in a new modem and this issue has just started happening again  It seems to be worsening each day, in fact.


The source IP is indeed my external IP, and I have my Netgear WNDR3700 router set as DMZ in the 2wire's settings.  The WNDR3700 device shows allowed applications = all, for instance, in the firewall status page.


If this is causing connection drops, why is it just starting after a month of working fine?  What would you recommend I change to fix it?


Edit: I should note that I changed no settings on my router between the old modem and the new one.

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