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Frequent Television signal lost messages


Frequent Television signal lost messages

We just moved our U-verse service from our previous apartment to our new home across town last friday. We took our original equipment with us, we have the RG, the wired DVR receiver, a wired receiver, and a wireless receiver (and it's AP). So 3 receivers, and the RG (we only have U-Verse TV service).


Ever since the install, the television signal freezes and we get the "Television signal was lost" message, usually once or twice in a 30 minute period. Every box displays the message at the same time, this leads me to believe the RG is losing connection. I don't think it's a problem with the receivers. I called the installer, he suggested the typical "Unplug the RG, plug it back in. Unplug the receivers and plug them back in". As usual, that solution didn't work.


I've now called the main U-Verse technical support, the first time the automated menus did some "diagnostic tests" and found "a problem in my area". They scheduled a tech out, saying the repair was outside and he was supposed to call me. I never received a call, someone in my house saw an AT&T truck but I have no idea if that was for us.


We're still having issues...I've called U-verse support and got the run around last night. Their systems were malfunctioning and couldn't bring up their trouble shooting information. I need a Tier 2 person, the typical "check cables, unplug the RG" type troubleshooting isn't going to fix this issue. It's obviously more complicated than that. I'm getting super frustrated here, especially since we pay for 3 receivers and U450 and I've had this service for over a year. It's not a small amount of money I'm giving to AT&T and I just want my TV service to work, RELIABLY.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Ok, OP has about 44M max 800 feet,1M/100 feet lost. 44+8=52M, this is low for a SAI sync
F card (suspect what OP is on) normally 64-55 M less than 55 questionable.
Only way to find out is prem tech visit by requesting dispatch.
PT can check four areas for sync and save results
1) VRAD... say 61M, if less than 55 recommend port swap
2) Terminal...say 55 M (600 feet) if drastic change need CIM tech but do not expect this is issue.
3) NID...say 53 to 54 M...again drastic change, swap pairs in drop or replace drop.(quad drop?)
4) RG....expect 52M if SAI is 61, if drastic change IW issue, possible quad wiring(state you have cat3)

Did previous owner/rental have tv service?
State they had uverse, if internet only..3,6 or 12. Profile would have been 13M easily support on 44M with SN >20.
If issue remains consistent, will know when problem resolved, easier than intermittent issue good for 3 daysor3 weeks then back.
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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Okay here's an update. I called AT&T saturday, he did a quality of line check. I saw "problems" with the connection and dispatched a line tech that day. Or at least he told me he did. Yet again I asked them to contact me when they finished and the tech did not. How am I supposed to know if he changed anything?


I'm still having disconnections. It may be *slightly* better, but not much, it's pretty subjective. So I need to call back and request a premises tech?


The previous renter did have U-Verse at this location. We have our RG connected in the same location and in the same manner they did. There is about a 1 month period between them and me though. The previous renter reported an occasional drop (maybe once weekly, nothing like we're having).


my thoughts, when you say "check four areas for sync", do you mean essentially check the bandwidth at each of those places? If so, I think we're on the same page and I can call and suggest these things to them.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

You may want to send a message off to customer care in the link I posted above detailing your problems and the best way to contact you. Also mention you are 800 feet away from the VRAD but your max rate is low 40s. They will connect and look at things and evaluate from there. But they manage the cases differently than the call center and will likely get this resolved faster at this point.


Your problem is strange in that many of the things look OK, however your max sync is way too low for your distance even though your bitloading looks good, margins for the 32M profile are excellent, attenuation is good, etc.


It would seem like its either the gateway or the port and or card in your VRAD you are plugged into to me, but I think the group above sees a lot more of the strange problems than the regular support channels and knows how to isolate the problem quicker and put the right things on the order when a tech is dispatched.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Yes four specific areas that a uverse tech can work in and verify signal strength and errors
1)crossbox, 2) serving terminal 3) nid 4) RG...ideally measurements should be min 5 min up to 15 min each.
Your errors, rebooting is not time of day specific... tech will use both meter and ipad, should be able to show results from ipad.
Both the SAI test and NID test will display info about card type (F or K)

Besides possible lower sync than expected, consider investment in UPS to rule out possible ac line issue.
Try for a week, if problem persists, return UPS with receipt for a refund.
Do you have VOIP service with a BBU, basically same thing, same idea....

The fact that previous renter was having issue once a week does not sit well...
There are customers including yourself who know the service can be very reliable.

A last thought, possible defective RG, something (loose solder joint) broke loose during move.
May wish to ask for new RG, 3800 preferred at your distance but a 3801 with loop (red toogle) would also work.
Recommend this as a course of action if no line (sync) issue are found.
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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Hi @lanteau , are you still having issues? As other users have mentioned in this thread, it would be a good idea to send us a Private Message by clicking here.  Include your full name, address, account number, contact information and the best time you can be reached. 


Our awesome team of managers will be in touch to help. 

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