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Frequent Television signal lost messages


Frequent Television signal lost messages

We just moved our U-verse service from our previous apartment to our new home across town last friday. We took our original equipment with us, we have the RG, the wired DVR receiver, a wired receiver, and a wireless receiver (and it's AP). So 3 receivers, and the RG (we only have U-Verse TV service).


Ever since the install, the television signal freezes and we get the "Television signal was lost" message, usually once or twice in a 30 minute period. Every box displays the message at the same time, this leads me to believe the RG is losing connection. I don't think it's a problem with the receivers. I called the installer, he suggested the typical "Unplug the RG, plug it back in. Unplug the receivers and plug them back in". As usual, that solution didn't work.


I've now called the main U-Verse technical support, the first time the automated menus did some "diagnostic tests" and found "a problem in my area". They scheduled a tech out, saying the repair was outside and he was supposed to call me. I never received a call, someone in my house saw an AT&T truck but I have no idea if that was for us.


We're still having issues...I've called U-verse support and got the run around last night. Their systems were malfunctioning and couldn't bring up their trouble shooting information. I need a Tier 2 person, the typical "check cables, unplug the RG" type troubleshooting isn't going to fix this issue. It's obviously more complicated than that. I'm getting super frustrated here, especially since we pay for 3 receivers and U450 and I've had this service for over a year. It's not a small amount of money I'm giving to AT&T and I just want my TV service to work, RELIABLY.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

and just for reference, both my roommate and I are seniors in electrical engineering. We're not dumb, so I hate being treated like it. We're pretty technical people, so let me speak to someone with a technical knowlege of the AT&T U-verse system and we can figure this out. 


If only there was a "Press 5 if you have some technical knowledge and can assist technical support in debugging your problem" menu option.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

There are many things you can do to get more information about your problem that  you can post back to the forum; like installing uvrealtime to look at your dsl connections, etc.


Contacting ATT Customer Care via PM will likely get you better results from ATT.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

I've seen uvrealtime mentioned quite a bit. I haven't looked into it extensively but my first question is can I use it if I don't have U-Verse internet service? If so, just install it on a laptop and connect up to the RG with cat5 I presume?

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

It depends on your gateway, but you should have a 3800 or a 3801 from your previous install.  TV service and Internet are over the same VDSL connection back to the VRAD so even if its TV only it still has the same issues any VDSL connection might have.


You should be able to get most of the data over a wired connection or wireless.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

I understand it has the same issues an internet connection would have (because it is an internet connection). What I'm asking is can I connect a computer to it with UVrealtime to it even without having an internet plan with AT&T?

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

UV Realtime will work even without an Internet plan from AT&T. Just remember that:

1. You will need to download UV Realtime on whatever Internet connection you have and install it on a computer.
2. The computer will need to be able to reach the 2Wire gateway over the network. Depending on how you have your network hooked up in your house, this may involve connecting that computer directly to the 2Wire gateway with an Ethernet cable.
3. Your computer will need an IP address on the same subnet as the 2Wire. If you have the computer set for DHCP, you may need to restart it once connected to the 2Wire so that it can get an address from the 2Wire.
4. You may need to put the IP address of the 2Wire into UV Realtime manually if UV Realtime cannot automatically determine the 2Wire's IP address. (Uncheck the "Automatic" check box at the top and type in the IP).

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Alright here we go. Looking at the Error table, definitely looks like we have a problem here. Can someone explain to me what a "Link retrain" is? From the reading I've done, it sounds like a link retrain WILL cause an interruption of connection. The 51 link retrains in the last 24 hours would some to go along with my "once every 30 minutes" description of it freezing.


Any thoughts on these? What should I do next? If contacting support is what I should do, how do I contact someone knowledgeable to discuss what I've found with.Stats-2013-09-07-00-44-21.pngErrorTable-2013-09-07-00-43-34.png

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

No bits loading graph, but based on 800 foot distance would expect max sync to be low 50s not 40s.
1) flaky or weak port at VRAD 10%
2) outside wiring, bridge tap 20%
3) outside wiring, loose connection or dirty open 20%
4) nid issue,old hardware, grounding 15%
5) inside wiring issue,bridge tap, not cat5 homerun, bad jack, 25%
6) interference from external device(s) 10%.

Contact support 1-800-2882020
Ask for quality of line line check, explain issues.
A tech appointment (4 hour wndow) will be scheduled and notify of possible $99 charge.
Any issues outside up to and including NID no charge.
If issue is with inside wiring then billable to correct.
If your capable if purchase new ca5 and install yourself with new jack,save some money.
IF issue continues after then most likely outside, request tech dispatch, tests would support need.
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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Here's the bitloading graph if it helps:



If you could explain what you see here, I'm curious. I find this subject rather interesting.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

The home-run is cat3, using the green pair. This should theoretically be good enough right? Also, it's worth noting, I know the previous renters of this house and they had U-Verse with no problems at all. I don't know how much that's worth, just would seem to suggest the tech that did my install changed something


Here's a screenshot of the errors that caused the latest "Television signal was lost" message:


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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Just out of curiosity, do you have cable connected to your RG or ethernet cable?  If it's cable, make sure the connection at the wall is 1/4 turn past hand tight and the connection to the back of the RG is the same.  I've seen it where a loose connection can cause those issues.

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Bits loading does not show any signs of bridge tap.
The 1st yellow is download band 1, green is upload band 2, 2nd yellow is dowload band 2.
The long cut around 1920-1940am is probable local am station creates fec interference.
Your last event was about 2am from chart, 4 seconds severe errors, RG down 28 seconds.
Cat 3 green pair is acceptable but preferred is still cat5.
If max sync rate is still low 40, may request tech for port check possible port swap.

Happening about every half hour, suspect inside issue, electrical, motor turning on,off such as refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, anything set on a timer.
Possible interference items

An example of inside bridge tap with graph.
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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

Isn't 1920-1940kHz outside of the medium wave AM range? Short wave doesn't start until ~2.3Mhz I think. Is there anything used between medium wave and short wave?


It's not every half hour like clockwork, that was just an estimation. Last night (around 12-2am) I went 2 hours with it only disconnecting once. I've turned the A/C on and off a few times and it never caused it. I don't think the freezer/refrigerator is causing it.

I checked the outlet the 2Wire is plugged into, it is correctly grounded (but my 3800HGV-B doesn't have a grounded plug). The neutral and hot are also wired to the correct sockets.


I suppose I'll call AT&T and ask for the quality of line check and see what happens. What is a port swap exactly? Can someone explain that one to me?


Is there anything I can go look or check in the NID on the side of the house? I can easily go look at that and report back. The techs that installed my u-verse left it hanging wide open last week (professional, I know). Part of me wonders if they didn't complete everything needed in the NID?

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Re: Frequent Television signal lost messages

I believe the port swap "my thoughts" mentioned was a port swap at the VRAD. Also there are K cards and F cards. While I don't know which one I have since I have heard that K cards can be 90down at the crossbox, the one thing that apears to be true is that for every 100 feet you lose 1 Mb/s down.


I've had similar problems to you that seem to have stabalzed with a replacement router, but they weren't as bad as I would have issues every couple days or so. But I will show my charts as an example.  The big thing is although you are 900 feet closer and your noise margin is better and your power is better( as it should be) you are about 6 Mb/s worse than I am instead of 9Mb/s better. So your max rate is 9Mb to 15 Mb lower than what it should be depending on the type of card you are plugged into.


I think the problem you are having with ATT is likely that the first level people see that you are at 800ft, you don't have too much interference, and you still qualify for the 32/5 profile with your stats... It will remain to be seen yet for me as I've had my new router for 3 days, but the tech eventually said that when the RGs drop connection like this with profiles similar to ours there can be power fluctuation issues causing problems with the gateway and or the gateway is bad. So it may be possilbe that there is some power interference that exists in this location that didn't in your old location. They also recommend making sure that the gateway is plugged directly into the wall and not a power strip and if possible when this type of thing is happening to try a different outlet, I'm assuming one that is on a different circuit if possible, but I suppose the outlet itself could be having problems..






My bitloading graph is worse than yours, but I believe generally considered "normal" I do have enough interference in my second download block to make it look like I have more than 2 download blocks, but it takes a couple days for that massive column at 7.5 Mhz to develop and yours is never up that long.

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