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Free, Used-Up Ciggy Recycling!


Free, Used-Up Ciggy Recycling!

Smoker?  Know a smoker?


Recycle, postage-paid, and make sure they aren't smoldering before packing! Smiley Surprised


...Private companies are launching programs that not only encourage people to pick up the butts but also recycle them. Contrary to what many smokers may think, cigarette filters are not biodegradable: They are made with a plastic that can leach their toxic chemicals into the environment.


In July, TerraCycle will begin providing free UPS shipping labels — paid for by an unnamed American tobacco company — so people can mail in butts they've collected. TerraCycle will turn the butts into plastic pallets for industrial use...

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Re: Free, Used-Up Ciggy Recycling!

Not just from this source but mirobits of plastic are becoming part of all the fish caught in the ocean. The water is full of it and it gets into the smallest parts of the food chain which is eaten up the line. It becomes part of the bigger fish just like everything else they eat because the plastic bits are so small and don't break down chemically just in size.
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Re: Free, Used-Up Ciggy Recycling!

Humans, kings of environmental destruction. Smiley Sad


Just the fact that someone thought of this, I thought it was cool.  They'll probably need to revamp it somehow where you can drop them off locally because mail-in recycling doesn't work for some folks.

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