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Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info


Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

Good Afternoon All,

I've searched a number of posts, but I've been unable to find a situation quite like mine.


I recently moved to a new address in September. I had U-Verse TV and Internet service connected in the same month. For the past week, AT&T Fraud Management has contacted me stating that they want me to fax a copy of:

My Driver's License, or

My Social Security Card, or

My Birth Certificate


A utility bill with my name and address.

My account has been suspended, and I am unable to make payments or reconnect my service until the issue has been resolved. The Fraud Department is claiming that they want to make sure 'it's really me' who requested the service.

I've been an AT&T customer for a few years now, and I've never had this issue before. It sounds extremely fishy, and I'm very reluctant about providing this information.


Has anyone been requested to provide this information? Can anyone verify that these numbers are legit?

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I had been speaking to a representative who was quite helpful for the past three days, but I never got her name. Now that I call the numbers back, other reps just keep stonewalling and asking me to fax in the info.


I am new to the forum; If this thread should have been posted elsewhere, please let me know.

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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

I guess it could be possible it's someone from AT&T but:

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


Let them look into what's going on and steer you in the right direction.

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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

I agree with Bee Bee, send Customer Care a PM with your info.  I have never had AT&T request that much info from me, but I can't confirm that they did or did not contact you.  Customer Care is an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Support.

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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

Hello Pennies,


I'm very sorry for the issues you're having with your service. Since this issue involved some sensitive information, I sent you a private message (blue envelope, upper right corner) with some important information.


Thank you,


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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

Thank you all for your help. I chose a course of action that I felt was necessary in this matter, and I'm waiting on the results. As the issue is still pending, I'll post updates as things progress and I find my resolution.
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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

I'm a little late with the update, sorry.

It turns out that AT&T does have a Fraud Department, and they are legit.

I had been speaking to a representative (I wish I wrote her name down...I think it was Tracy) who had assisted in getting my account straightened out. She actually called me back periodically to update me on the status of taking the suspension off my account. Who does that anymore?? No one. It's very hard to find service like this these days. There had apparently been some problems with their system going up and down the weekend that I originally posted, so it was a process that took a few days. When it was all said and done, I was finally able to pay my bill and have my service reconnected. There was another problem that I ran into. The billing department showed a zero balance on my account and that my services were restored when on my side, they weren't. Nothing was turned on.

I called Tracy back to double check that there was no longer a suspension on my account. She found a communication issue between the system that she uses and a separate system that the billing side uses. She actually initiated a three way call between myself, her, and an IT guy to get it straight! They started getting into specifics, so Tracy said she would call me back. The next day, she called me and walked me through how to reset the DVR box and check to see if my service was connected. It was.

This lady had absolutely no obligation to me past removing the suspension on my acccount, but she went above and beyond in helping me, and it was nice to see that there are people out there who are genuine in providing customer service like she was. 

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Re: Fraud-AT&T Asking for Sensitive Info

Hi Pennies,


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I am glad that Tracy was able to go the extra steps to get you up and running. Smiley Happy


-David T

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