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Five miles out of town and no internet access


Five miles out of town and no internet access



My husband and I both work remotely from our home. We recently purchased a new home 5 miles from Stevens Point, WI and have been trying to set up all of our new accounts. To our great dismay, there are no high speed internet options. We were told AT&T DSL is available at our address, but we cannot get this service because it is being phased out. U-verse is not available either. I am just crushed that we found our dream home but now I don't even know how we will be able to work as we both require a reliable internet connection. It never in a million years would have occurred to me (obviously) to even have to check for availability since we are so close to a vibrant college town where we've never had internet issues previously.


Is there any way I can get more information as to if there is any possible way we can use the existing DSL connection or when, if ever, U-verse may be available? I would really appreciate any assistance or information.


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Re: Five miles out of town and no internet access

Sorry to hear things are not what you hoped for, the following is from

AT&T plans to expand and enhance its wireline IP network to 57 million customer locations (consumer and small business) or 75 percent of all customer locations in its wireline service area by year-end 2015. This network expansion will consist of:
U-verse. AT&T plans to expand U-verse (TV, Internet, Voice over IP) by more than one-third or about 8.5 million additional customer locations, for a total potential U-verse market of 33 million customer locations¹. The expansion is expected to be essentially complete by year-end 2015. U-verse
IPDSLAM. The company plans to offer U-verse IPDSLAM service (high-speed IP Internet access and VoIP) to 24 million customer locations in its wireline service area by year-end 2013.
Speed Upgrades. The Project VIP plan includes an upgrade for U-verse to speeds of up to 75Mbps and for U-verse IPDSLAM to speeds of up to 45Mbps, with a path to deliver even higher speeds in the future.

o In the 25 percent of AT&T's wireline customer locations where it's currently not economically feasible to build a competitive IP wireline network, the company said it will utilize its expanding 4G LTE wireless network -- as it becomes available -- to offer voice and high-speed IP Internet services. The company's 4G LTE network will cover 99 percent of all in-region customer locations. AT&T's 4G LTE network offers speeds competitive with, if not higher than, what is available on wired broadband networks today. And in many places, AT&T's 4G LTE service will be the first high speed IP broadband service available to many customers.

As ATT does not announce ahead of time what new area they are expanding, to be completed be end 2015.
I suspect you may not be a part of the 75% referred to for hardwired services but more likely apart of 25% that will have 4G LTE
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Re: Five miles out of town and no internet access

To the OP, I really feel for your situation.  I think cellular or cable are your best options for now.


I use a Clear wifi hotspot and find cellular LTE/Wimax to be quite good for real-time connections.  What applications do you run when you are remote?  I have used Citrix and Logmein over Wimax for several years, and I have found them to be pretty good.  


The major downside to cellular are the bandwidth caps.  Clear had offered unlimited service, but their coverage was poor nationally and they no longer sign up new customers.  



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