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Fax Notworking any more


Fax Notworking any more



I have uverse for about a year now.  It has been working (Phone, Fax, Internet, TV)


My outgoing fax stopped working 2 weeks ago, the error message stated "poor line condition". 


I followed the instruction of FAX mfg ( Brother Intelli fax 2910)  to

1. set the "compatibility mode to basic", it did not help


2. enable "overseas mode", it did not help.  


I called ATT support, she tried to increase my internet speed and did not help.  tried to connect fax line directly to the residential gateway, did not help either. 


I wonder if this is ever going to work (again).


I read some other post that 2wire3801HGV (that is my gateway ATT provided) does not support Fax Over IP, if that is the case, how come my fax line used to work before?


Thanks for the help.


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Re: Fax Notworking any more

lical426 Connecting the fax directly to the RG was a good test - it eliminates your house tel wiring as the problem. So, you have three things left - U-verse, the connecting cord, the fax. Does the fax have two jacks?? Try both jacks.

Can you try the fax on another line?? Can you try another fax on U-verse?? Try another connecting wire.

I think that fax over IP is a very special case - not this case. It means the fax generates IP. This case is fax over VOIP, Where the fax generates a tone (voice grade) the tone is modulated into the IP as if it were speech. This can have problems, too. But, the question is - Is it compatible with VOIP??

Your internet access speed should not affect your U-verse VOIP. It could affect Majick Jack VOIP. Your rate available could affect U-verse voice, but you should see that first in TV or internet. Hows your line?? Are you suddenly getting a lot of errors??
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Re: Fax Notworking any more

While slim possibility that issue is with FAX port itself suspect issue is RG recently received new firm wire update, and an incompatibility now exists.
Does your FAX have new updated drivers that can be downloaded,have you tried rebooting or performing factory reset of RG.

Your timeframe is similar to this

Will probably have to work with your FAX manufacturer (Brother) to find work around as VOIP (incoming/outgoing) calls are working properly.?
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