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I had TV and internet service with AT&T Uverse.  I was happy with my service and wanted to continue having service with AT&T.  However, I lost my job when I was unexpectedly laid off at the end of May of 2013, and I was not able to keep my Uverse service.  I was not able to obtain a new job until September 11, 2013.  But I still planned to restart my Uverse service when I got a job.  All summer long, my family and I (we have 3 minor children) were under an EXTREME financial hardship.  We went without food.  We had to get emergency assistance from MIFA for food and help with paying our utility bill.  Our church also helped us with food and had to help us with our utility bill TWICE in order to just keep our utilities on.  The point is that I had a hardship.  Job loss is generally recognized as a “hardship”, and MOST companies have SOME allowances in such situations.  For example, MLGW gave us an extension on our utility bill after I showed them proof of the job loss.


Now, I have a new job and have been working since September 11, 2013.  I contacted AT&T and paid my bill of $347.  I was told by the collection agency that I had to return the equipment and to take it to UPS and then provide AT&T with the tracking number.  So, I took the equipment to UPS and returned it.  When I called AT&T to give the tracking number and get new service, I was told by the AT&T customer service representative that EVEN THOUGH I RETURNED THE EQUIPMENT AND PAID MY BILL IN FULL, I could not restart service with AT&T because AT&T was going to charge me SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for the equipment that I RETURNED.  I have received confirmation from AT&T that they did receive the equipment.  However, AT&T is still going to charge me SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for the equipment THAT I RETURNED!  They said I did not return it within the 90 day period.  It was THREE DAYS LATE!!!  First of all, I did not know anything about a 90 day period or any specific amount of time in which I HAD to return the equipment.  AT&T said they sent me a letter to that effect, but I never received it.  Secondly, I WANTED to restart service with AT&T & planned to do that all along!  Thirdly, I RETURNED the equipment.  WHY am I being CHARGED for equipment that I don’t even have?  Equipment that AT&T has?  WHY does AT&T want THE EQUIPMENT AND THE MONEY FOR IT, TOO??  I have asked to appeal this decision and was told that someone would call me in a week, because I would LIKE to resolve this matter and get service started.  Doesn’t AT&T WANT TO KEEP ME AS A CUSTOMER, so they can CONTINUE TO RECEIVE MONEY FROM ME EVERY MONTH?  Money that will likely end up being MORE THAN SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS???


I am attaching a letter that I have just received from Comcast Xfinity.  As you can see, they are offering to GIVE me a prepaid Visa card for TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS if I agree to get service from them.  I think it is interesting that if I try to get services from AT&T, I have to pay a bill of $347, return equipment, and then pay another SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for equipment that AT&T has.  But Comcast Xfinity will set me up with services with ZERO paid up front AND give me a Visa card worth TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Hmmm, do I want to PAY SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for equipment I don’t have, or do I want to RECEIVE a Visa card worth TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS??  If AT&T is going to make it that HARD for me to RESTART services, I guess I don’t have a choice but to GO WITH XFINITY.


This is my last attempt to settle this matter with AT&T.  Your customer service is HORRIBLE.  And the very idea of trying to charge your customers for equipment YOU HAVE is absolutely absurd.  And it is obvious that AT&T is trying to defraud people with this policy and deliberately charge outrageous amounts.  I absolutely refuse to pay AT&T $700 for equipment in AT&T’s possession.  You can bill me all you want, and I will never pay a dime towards that amount.  I will appeal it all the way to the Supreme Court, if necessary.  Despite this, I am willing to do business with AT&T for tv & internet service, IF that can be set up within a reasonable amount of time.  If I do not receive a satisfactory reply from AT&T Uverse within the next 48 hours, I will take it as a refusal to settle by AT&T.  Then I will contact Xfinity for my services, and they can receive monthly payments from me indefinitely, for as long as I desire services.  And AT&T will lose that opportunity.  


[edited for privacy]

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Please click this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your request. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelopein the upper right hand corner of this site) in a business day or three.


Your personal contact information has been removed by a moderator.  In your PM, please include your Billing Account Number and the best way and time to contact you.  This escalation team should be able to assist you.


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Thank you mrsdawnjohnsonv, we received your message and one of our specialist will be contacting you soon.



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