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**FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues


**FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues

I have spent the last couple nights trying different things to get my PS3 to have a solid connect for online play. I searched all these forums and other forums that suggested different solutions and there wasn't a solid confirmed solution out there. It seemed like a very common problem so I figured I put up a thread to share my findings. 



Equipment Involved:


  • Pace 5031NV Router/Modem - Provided by AT&T
  • Playstation 3




Moved to new apartment and had AT&T U-Verse installed with the router/modem provided by AT&T. Connected my PS3 wirelessly without any real issue. I noticed my friends loaded very slow but thought nothing of it, that happens from time to time. I went to play Battlefield 3 and I noticed that my ping was 1 bar. I joined a server and was playing for 5 minutes and my connection from EA had been lost. I was kicked from game and was back in menu. I join a server again, same thing happened; and again, and again, and again. Sometimes I lost connection within 1-2 minutes. 


Solutions Attempted:

First thing I did was do a speedtest on my computer to confirm the latency, download, and upload speeds. They all checked out fine and were more than enough to play online with PS3. So I read up on forums and saw that I could set my PS3 on a static IP and put it in DMZ mode. I tried, but this is not allowed on the Pace router provided by AT&T.


So I put it on DMZPlus mode only for the PS3 and this did nothing. I put it on static IP without the DMZ mode on and this did not work. I put it on a static IP and forwarded all the ports for PSN, voip chat, and Battlefield 3. Still nothing!! Lots of time spent, still no solution.




I finally got a CAT5 cable long enough to wire up my PS3 to one of the LAN connections on the Pace Router/Modem. This solved my problem. I noticed right away that all of my friends loaded up quickly. I was able to play Battlefield 3 with no loss of connection and no lag whatsoever. This is my suggestion if you are having this problem. 


Other Possible Solutions:


I did not try the following possible solution as wiring up the PS3 is fine for me. I have a bunch of extra cable that I can use to run from the router/modem to the PS3 so no big deal for me. 


You could try to put a router behind the AT&T Pace router/modem. I am not sure if this works at all, I just saw it suggested on a forum somewhere, but it does make sense to me. You would esentially put a CAT5 cord from one of the LAN ports on the back of the Pace to the WAN (possibly LAN, but I think WAN) port on the back of your own router. Then you could disable the wireless broadcast on the Pace router and use the wireless broadcast from your own router, thus bypassing the firewall and crappy settings of the Pace. 


Again, I didn't try this solutions as I found one that works for me, hardwiring. If you are having these PS3 connection issues with AT&T and the Pace router (possible 2WIRE router too) this is what you should be looking at doing. Please note that putting your PS3 on static IP, port forwarding, DMZ, etc. will not work ONLY in this set of circumstances. These options could be a solution in a totally different situation, just not this particular one. 


Happy troubleshooting! Smiley Wink




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Re: **FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues

Thank you for sharing, here are a couple of insights based on your posts.
1) if ATT Uverse MUST use an ATT purchased or leased RG, without no authentication, will have no service.
You may place any router behind RG, but cannot NOT have RG.

2) your issue is wifi interference in an MDU (multi dwelling unit).
Downloading and using an app such as wifi analyser or inSSIDer would have discovered crowded 2.4 channels and may have provided a manual set channel with less interference.
Additional moving to a wireless N (5ghz) router behind RG would have allowed for less competition than offered on lower 2.4 ghz channels.
3) as you discovered, if its important there is no substitute for hardwired connections.

Again thanks for sharing your experiences, hopefully others will benefit.
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Re: **FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues

tco_ wrote:


First, you can get your own AT&T compatible modem and buy your own router. I have a Netgear N900 for my Time Warner internet at a different residnece and it works flawlessly, it's a great router. I'm sure there's a list out there of compatible modems for AT&T. With this solution you would also not have to pay the monthly lease charges for AT&T's equipment, but you would incur higher upfront costs for your own equipment. 




Actually, you cannot buy an AT&T U-verse compatible modem at retail.  If you are an Internet Only U-verse customer (and thus must purchase your Residential Gateway, or RG) it may be possible to sweettalk an AT&T rep into activating a compatible RG  that you already own.  If you also have TV service, AT&T does not sell those RGs, and will not activate one they don't provide especially for you.


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Re: **FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues

I average the following across all channels, all are the same basically.

  • -50 db Signal Strength 
  • -90 db Signal Noise

PS3 does not support 802.11n. Smiley Sad 

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Re: **FIX** PS3 U-Verse Router Connection Issues

Edited my post to remove getting your own router solution. I am used to TWC where you can do that and don't need an RG.
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