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Equipment and placement questions regarding adding TV to existing Internet


Equipment and placement questions regarding adding TV to existing Internet

We moved here nearly three years ago and got U-verse for Internet.


When they came to install it three years ago, the guy had the hardest time finding a place to install it. I couldn't tell if he was being lazy, or maybe was new, or if it really was true that it was almost impossible to find a place in our home to install the darn thing. It was bizarre. He couldn't place it any of the places I would have liked, and in the end, the only place he could manage to install it was near our back door. So there the modem/router thing sits, extremely awkwardly, on a table near the back door.


Now, we are considering adding U-verse TV. Since the technician had such a hard time before, I'm wondering if someone's going to tell us that the only place we can have our TV is by the back door. If that's true, I don't want to bother. So I have questions.


1. When I add the service to my bundle, it looks like we will be charged for new Internet equipment as well as TV equipment, and the Internet is going to have an extra fee every month? It's called "High Speed Internet Equipment Fee" $6.00 a month. But of course we already have "high speed Internet equipment" sitting by the back door. Is it true that we need something new, and if so why, and why would it involve an extra fee, rather than just trading it out?


2. There's also a $99 Internet installation fee, but we already have U-verse Internet installed. Is it really true that we need to pay to have Internet "installed"? Does that mean that it might be installed in some sort of reasonable location this time?


3. Am I going to pay all this money to have a "professional installer" come to my home, and then be told I have my TV by the back door, like the Internet modem/router is? And no, there is no way to reasonably run cable from that location near the back door to any place where we want our two TVs to end up. If the person who comes to install the TV is like the person who installed the Internet, we probably don't want it.


I just wish there was some way to find out whether TV will work out in a reasonable way, before I sign up for the frustration I experienced last time.




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Re: Equipment and placement questions regarding adding TV to existing Internet

Many things have changed since last installed, now have wireless receivers maximum 2, if only have two tvs, the DVR will need to be hardwired, a wireless access point can provide for the second.
If currently have a cable provider for tv service, providing cable is good (should be) the installer can replace coax ends, coax splitter to feed tv location. This requires installing a coax line from RG to coax wiring.

Concerning the RG itself ,IP TV requires either a 3800, 3801, or 589 RG, this is a leased unit currently $6 per month compared to your purchased RG (probably 3600). Nice thing as a leased unit, any issues no charge to replace, while an issue with purchased unit spending another $100 to replace after one year warranty period.

Standard new TV installation is $149, as you currently have service this is probably a discounted rate ($99) unless ordered the 45M (POWER) internet which I understand due to bonded pair is a $99 charge.

On installation day, the tech should do a survey of home environment, inform you of process involved, estimated time of completion and if RG can be relocated to more central part of home, ideally near DVR location. If your not comfortable with information provided you may ask to reschedule while considering options or cancel installation completely.

Hope this provides some understanding, if more questions please ask, myself or others here will be happy to assist, thanks again for posting your concerns.
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Re: Equipment and placement questions regarding adding TV to existing Internet

Thanks for your reply.


No, we do not have cable or dish or coax cable or any kind, anywhere in the house.


So here are three more questions! Smiley Happy


1. It sounds like you are saying, if the only place I can have my TV is some place bizarre, like by the back door, I can choose to cancel the installation and the service, and get my money back -- is that correct?


2. You mention that the RG is different now -- would it go in the same place?


3. Suppose that the new technician says that I cannot have the TVs wired where I want them. Would it be possible to have the DVR and RG by the back door, and the two TVs on wireless, where I do want them?


Thanks for your help!

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Re: Equipment and placement questions regarding adding TV to existing Internet

1. YES, installation is complete when all equipment is registered, billing starts on equipment activation not scheduled due date, so if issues and need to reschedule not being charged for no service.
Before installation is completed you may cancel, deposit returned.

2. You do not mention which RG you have but would not expect you to have an IPTV RG, so different RG, different password requiring new setup of any wireless devices. Ideally RG should be near central of home to provide best wireless signal, but many techs prefer RG near DVR location for short pre made Ethernet cable between two.

What type of living unit...single family, apartment, condo? Is there currently a phone jack n any room? Basement access? Attic access? Possible to run cat5e wiring outside of structure to desired room?
As each installation is different with its own unique problems to overcome and each tech is different(received same training but different could be a displaced master electrician, another from a technical degree, and still another from retail with strong customer service skills)....again if not comfortable with what is presented, ask to reschedule

3. How many TVs, if 2 may do as stated but charged for three...DVR is included each additional receiver is $7 per month.
If 3 tvs (one in kitchen by back door?) Then yes, if more than 3 tvs will need hardwire options.

Please note that sometimes holes may need to be drilled, the tech should explain his plan after survey but before starting this is the best time to ask questions and express your desires, not afterwards "oh, i wanted....". Changes can be done just adds to time of install, i have had ready to go 3 tv installs done in 2 hours or spent 9 hours depending on problems encountered...please be patient, offer a water or soda to prevent dehydration, have all furniture moved away from walls where believe access will be needed. The techs go through a careful screening, testing, training, supervision before being dispatched on their own, many regardless of time on job desire to do the best they can, but experience can be key to solving unusual situations.

Thank you for choosing Uverse, for asking questions and tring to be better prepared, as a tech I greatly value all those I have had the pleasure and privilege of serving and many feel the same. Who knows I might be your tech, if not...the best to you and yours.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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