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Email Accounts on Change from DSL ( to UVerse (


Email Accounts on Change from DSL ( to UVerse (

I have been a long time DSL user who just switched to U-Verse. As such, I and my family have had userids under my DSL account.

As part of my U-Verse installation, the technician had me create a NEW userid ( rather than use my existing AT&T account.

So... I now have both an and account and emails addresses.

So, can someone please advise what happens now? Will my email addresses "go away" now that all services under that account (DSL and POTS phone) are terminated?

Can all of the information in the family email accounts ( be migrated to, although I'd prefer to keep the addresses.

Thanks for any assistance.

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Re: Email Accounts on Change from DSL ( to UVerse (

Hi @ncwitz 


My name is Morgan, I'm one of the Community Specialists. I'm sorry to hear that your Member ID was not properly migrated over to your U-verse account but, I'll be glad to help you get this turned around. Since this is an "Account-sensitive" concern, I'm going to send you a Private Message that will land in your inbox and we will move forward from there. Thank you! Smiley Happy

- MorganCS
- ATTU-verseCare

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Re: Email Accounts on Change from DSL ( to UVerse (

Mine was I am comfortable with it when it works which does not seem to be that often , switched to u verse I was told I would have no more problem there was a big difference only change is money I give to att. There has been a problem every day with phone T.V. or computer.
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