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EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service


EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service

This morning I woke up distraught, stressed, and worried about all of the troubles my family and I are presently facing. And one huge weight on my shoulders was having to cancel my services with AT&T.  I called up customer support, ready to face another stressful situation, and Kayla form the Dayton OH office, the representative who took my call, was obviously sent straight to me for a reason.  She spoke with me about the situation I am going through, and not only listened, but cared.   She empathized with me, she even calmed me down - she knew I was upset with my circumstances, and she made the trouble of having to cancel my services gentle and kind.   I didn't WANT to cancel my services, but I am being forced to move, and to a city that doesn't support it.   My heart was breaking and aching from other things throughout my day, but Kayla spoke such kind words that I left the conversation with a less sad heart and even a smile on my face.  She told me that this may be hard, but it is temporary, and I assured her that I will be an AT&T customer as soon as my family is back on their feet again.   

Thank you AT&T for being such a wonderful company, and for employing a woman as compassionate as Kayla.  I wish there was a way I could email specifically to her branch and let her employer know that they have hired an amazing representative for their company.    


I am new to this board thing, but I wanted everyone to know that this morning started out completely stressful, and with Kayla's help I am able to at least get through the rest of my day with Faith - as she reminded me that always helps.   THANK YOU SO MUCH KAYLA!! 

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Re: EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service

Hello, justasweater!


Welcome to the forums, and thank you for sharing! We love hearing about customers' positive experiences with our reps.


I will make sure to pass along your compliments. Did you happen to get more information about Kayla? If so, could you send me a private message with the details by clicking here?


Thanks! We look forward to your continued participation on the forums!



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