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Dropping connection on large downloads.


Dropping connection on large downloads.

I've noticed that my connection will drop on large downloads or while streaming.  It happens at random intervals, but consistently.  A tech came out and upgraded my RG, but no change.  He also ran all sorts of line tests and said it was fine.  


I can make it stop dropping if I switch the device I'm downloading on to DMZ Plus mode.  However, I would prefer to not use that mode because I like to connect across computers inside our home and it seems a bit risky from a firewall perspective.  Any ideas on what settings to tweak to make it stop dropping?


I thought it might be a setting in the router, so I started using my own router and put the RG in Bridge mode, per reply 2 on this topic


Unfortunately it didn't work, I still drop the connection on large downloads (TV Shows from iTunes) periodically.  Any ideas?



We currently have the Pace 3801HGV gateway.  

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Re: Dropping connection on large downloads.

My immediate thought is bandwidth saturation, not knowing your profile, suspect download/up load near Max and any other requests from other devices on home network is knocking off steaming
My understanding is when in DMZ plus mode have all of the unassigned TCP and UDP ports opened and pointed to it I believe increasing bandwidth pass through.

Please note this is not my area of experience and may be totally wrong here, but if issue is not Uverse equipment (RG replaced) or sync related (broadband, service lighs on RG flashing red instead of solid green) then looking at profile (3, 6, 12, 18 or 24 M internet download with different upload speeds)...if have 3M changing to 6 for $5/ month may solve also monitor what other usage is happening in household including gaming, YouTube, Netflix, torrents at the same time as your large downloading.

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Re: Dropping connection on large downloads.

I have AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Max Turbo plan at 24 Mbps.


When testing on, I consistently get 20-23 Mbps of download and 1.5 - 2.5 Upload.  It's only when I test larger files that the connection drops.  Or when I'm actually trying to download something I need.  


When testing, I'm the only person on the internet and all TV's are off.  

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Re: Dropping connection on large downloads.

Has anyone found a solution for this problem?  I've had this problem ever since I switched to U-Verse Smiley Sad.  I've scoured the net and couldn't find a proper solution.  It really is quite frustrating.  Here's my setup and specific observations:



RG = 3800HGV-B

Router = Netgear WNDR3300

Computer = PC (up-to-date) connected to router via cat5e cable.

U-Verse plan = 18 Mbps download



  1. Downloading from Chrome:  Any file larger than 20 MB has a chance of failing.  Download speed will drop to zero and download will fail and random points.  My partial workaround has been to use Firefox and a third party downloader that can resume downloads (Download 'em all!).  This has helped me download larger files and works most of the time.  Again, this is a workaround and not the solution to the problem.
  2. Downloading on Steam:  Steam downloads will track transfer rates, and I get probably 1.5 MB/s.  However, there are frequent drop-offs that can last from a few seconds to minutes.  Steam probably automatically retries when the signal drops off, so the downloads eventually finishes, but I'm sure could be way faster without this connection drop issue.
  3. Downloading software updates that use Webget:  Same type of issue here.  Transfer rates are sporadic and jump quite a bit.  Then the rate will randomly crap out, requiring the updater to reestablish the connection.  This can happen anywhere from 1 - 3 times per minute and can last seconds to minutes at a time (see performance monitor chart below; yellow line is packets sent/sec).  This example looks rather regular, but the drops are usually more random.  On longer disconnects, I have to pause and resume the download to get the update downloading again.

Network drop data.gif


These problems persist whether or not there's additional network traffic in the house.  This type of chronic issue is not acceptable from a major carrier.  Comcast was expensive, but at least their service was reliable.  I've spoken to customer service on several occasions and pretty much never get a satisfactory answer beyond resetting the RG/Router, or making sure others aren't streaming things.  Can someone from AT&T please find a solution to this?  






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Re: Dropping connection on large downloads.

How is the Netgear router set up behind the RG?

- Do you have the RG configured to place it in DMZplus

- Are you running the stock Netgear firmware on the router?

- Have you (as a diagnostic step—not suggesting you have to leave it this way), ever tried a large download with the PC connected directly to the RG, i.e. not through the Netgear router?



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