Double Billed


Double Billed

Beware!!!  Switched to U-verse last September for internet & phone only, but AT&T kept billing us for old DSL internet FOR SEVEN MONTHS.  Yes, 7 months!!  And yes, that's over $300 in erroneous charges.  My mistake that 1) we didn't notice it quicker and 2) that I kept paying both for a few months while we were trying to fix it so my account wouldn't be delinquent.  And now it's been almost AN ENTIRE YEAR and we still haven't been issued the refund.  I've been calling every month since & everyone I talk to sees the notes about my calls & confirms we were double billed, but nobody can figure out why we haven't been refunded.  Billing transfers me to Accounts Receivables who can't find the credit & says I need to get an account adjustment from.... guess who... Billing?!?!  So I get transferred back & Billing tells me they've sent a credit memo to the back office & I should see a refund in 1-2 billing cycles.  THEY TELL ME THIS EVERY MONTH!  Come on, people, get it together.  I would cancel my internet & phone altogether if my job didn't depend on it!  Hmm..... and now I wish DIRECTV offered internet & phone, love them, never have trouble with them.  CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE?!?  I just need to know who or what department I need to speak to, because everyone thus far has been incapable.

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Re: Double Billed

Hello melissious!  We have a great team of managers that are available to assist you! 


I will however need you to send them a private message by clicking ATTCustomerCare.  In the message please provide your name, account number, email address, contact number and a good time for you to be reached on that number.  Reference back to this post and provide any other additional information that will assist them in researching this issue for you.


Upon receipt of your message you will hear from a manager directly within 48 hours.


Thanks so much for registering and for your post!  ~Delia

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Re: Double Billed

Thank you, I sent a private message as requested.

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Re: Double Billed

Hi yeshuh,


We received your private message and one of our managers will be reaching out to you shortly.




Nicole K.

AT&T Customer Care

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