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Do you really need to ship a new receiver?


Do you really need to ship a new receiver?

This is not a question or comment, but a suggestion. I just got off the phone with technical support regarding an "X" and the number 1 on my screen after a series of manual reboot (receiver and modem). As expected, customer support noted the receiver needs to be replaced. It will ship today and I should have it by Monday. Why is there not an option to pick up a new receiver at a local AT&T store? Why do I have to wait with zero compensation? If you offered this option to your customers, this will most likely improve overall customer satisfaction ratings-at the very least! More importantly, if customer service is truly a priority for AT&T, you would never ask a customer to wait for the new receiver and then ask that they drop off the old receiver to UPS for return delivery. I can only imagine the dollar amount for shipping expenses AT&T accrues on an annual basis. Please note-this creates an major inconvenience for your customers on so many levels. I am sure you will reply with a canned corporate response, but I do believe this is a topic that deserves an answer.
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Re: Do you really need to ship a new receiver?

Hello Miller,

AT&T Stores are generally for Wireless Services. AT&T Mobility and AT&T U-Verse are two separate and different divisions. While both belong to AT&T Inc, if you go into an AT&T Store and request help with your U-Verse, or DSL, service, you'll be directed to call a number. AT&T Stores only manage accounts, and troubleshoot handsets. 

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