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Discounts for current customers?


Discounts for current customers?

Does Uverse offer any TV/Internet bundles for current customers? I see advertising for new customers of $60/mo for 12 mo. Is Uverse doing offering any specials to keep current customers or just hoping their satisfied with the less-than-amazing customer service?

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Re: Discounts for current customers?

You've got that right.  Just getting them to honor a full year for a full year would be a start.  At this point, I'm dropping them.

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Re: Discounts for current customers?

Yes, there here are promotion(s) for existing customers, but not online, need to call Monday to Saturday 8am-7pm and ask for RETENTION, easy way is to say cancel at prompt. This group of individuals will review your current status, make recommended plans that will approach the discounts found on line.

Please remember base rates increased in January for IPTV products, and March for internet products so discounts are former higher base, if your current promotion is expiring expect the new promotion to be higher as higher base.

If reach SALES, this department is for new customers and will probably not be able to offer discount to existing customers.

An example may be new account, internet only offered $11.05 off list, Retention offers $10 off list, compared to normal month to month pricing save $120.
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