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Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am


Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am

I've had AT&T Uverse since January and it hasn't been without problems. I am using the Motorola NVG510. I was experiencing the DNS issues described in many, many other threads. I didn't know they were DNS issues, and calling AT&T Technical support was no use. I spoke with 3 or 4 2nd level reps, sometimes they wanted to troubleshoot my browers (despite it occuring on 5 different computers all using different major browsers, and that the issue does not occur when I tether with my cell phone). They replaced the modem, with another NVG510. Etc, etc. Ok, so images didn't always load, I had resigned myself to not dealing with Tech Support any more because they don't know what the issue was.


About a month or so ago the problem changed. At around 9:50pm every day, I was getting disconnected to the internet. When I logged into the NVG510 diagnostic panel and run Full Diagnostic, I see that everythign but the Ethernet is offline. If I keep refreshing the button, I can watch the modem come back online, it takes about 30-60 seconds, the same as if I had hard booted the modem. Anyway, it would procede to do this about hourly, which was a hassle but I guess I could deal with it.


About last Thursday, this changed. It seems to be starting within 5 mintues of 9:30pm EDT. Then it procedes to reboot like this every 5-10 minutes all night. FInally I get wise enough to peek into the log files.  Seeing this particular error after it reboots everytime:


2012-07-17T04:16:35-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
2012-07-17T04:16:35-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: dns_lan_redirect_notify. DOWN. restart proxy
2012-07-17T04:16:35-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)


This does not occur AT ALL before 9:30pm. Looking at the log files in the morning, the last occurance is almost always just before 6am (as I leave my equipment on at night):


2012-07-17T05:59:35-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
2012-07-17T05:59:35-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: dns_lan_redirect_notify. DOWN. restart proxy
2012-07-17T05:59:35-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
The last message was repeated 2 times.
2012-07-17T05:59:39-04:00 L5 supp1x[1313]: Sending START Packet
2012-07-17T05:59:41-04:00 L5 supp1x[1313]: Supplicant event = SUCCESS
2012-07-17T05:59:41-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)


Last night it ran right up to 6:00am, but this was the last time it did it until tonight at 9:30pm, *bam*:


2012-07-17T21:35:56-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: DSL: Last Retrain Reason: 0x1 RDI Detector
2012-07-17T21:35:57-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: DSL: Link drop counter since boot 38
2012-07-17T21:35:57-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
2012-07-17T21:35:58-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: dns_lan_redirect_notify. DOWN. restart proxy
2012-07-17T21:35:58-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
The last message was repeated 2 times.
2012-07-17T21:35:58-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: dns_lan_redirect_notify. DOWN. restart proxy
2012-07-17T21:35:58-04:00 L1 sdb[305]: nm_ipv6_add_firewall: (4)
The last message was repeated 3 times.
2012-07-17T21:35:59-04:00 L3 sdb[305]: dns_lan_redirect_notify. DOWN. restart proxy


I've tried all the suggestions in the various threads about using Google's DNS servers. I connected my Netgear WNR2000v3, setup the passthrough mode, plugged in the Google DNS servers. Tried using it with IPv4 and IPv6. Nothing, absolutely nothing changes. Works fine during the day, fails 9:30pm to 6:00am. Disconnected that, did a reset on the modem and changed the DNS on my computer, same results. Works fine during the day, fails 9:30pm to 6:00am. Latency is fine at around 25ms average all hours of the day, even during the rebooting. Bandwidth performs as expected, pushing a full 6mb (size of my package).


Tech came out, said it rebooted like that 48 times one night. He was supposed to send someone out to test the lines outside, but I haven't heard anything back. I feel like the issues is one of these DNS problems and the problem is the NVG510 resetting too easily (I feel if I could turn that function off, we'd be golden). I managed to talk to a tech at 2nd level support on Saturday (after raising holy heck with customer service) who was actually decent. He told me that not enough reports come in with these problems and that a BIOS fix isn't on the way.


So what can I do? One of the AT&T customer support people basically said "Well, you're the 1% of people who have problems we don't know how to fix and it isn't cost effective to focus on those problems". That isn't entirely verbatum, but it is close. I feel like this should be fixable. What changes between 9:30pm and 6:00am on AT&T's network? This exact pattern has been occuring for approximately a month. I am in Detroit, Michigan, in the event that anyone local is experiencing something similar, could be a local server problem?


Any insight anyone can provide would be useful. Thanks!

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Re: Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am (Same Problem)

wiohio - Are you saying the distribution is wireless? If the interference is powerful enough to affect the buried feed cable, it may affect the wireless signal. That is what needs to be replaced with shielded feed.
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Re: Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am (Same Problem)

This is a regular business Uverse connection that is ran to our location thru standard copper pairs. the AT&T burried wires come right to our building and connect directly to a wall jack, the the standard green wire supplied with the NVG510 is pluged right into that jack. We have no wire to replace.  we use the connection to remotely run our equipment in that building. The POE's I mentioned run 2-5.8Ghz dish that connect us to our other locations that are close enough to be line of site so we dont have to stream the video from those building over the internet connection. They are not the cause of this as I just installed them, they are 150' in the air, we used all sheilded gel filled cat5e, and we did shut down all other equipment (server, switchs, lights, etc)at our location in the begining of this trouble trying to locate the source of the problem.(all except the 15va UPS) But this began before the wireless equipment was installed..

   Last night the NVG510 only dropped connection 3 times. This is still to many but it is better that 40 drops per night which means we are on the right track here with the grounding. I think I am going to try changing modems next. If the NVG510 didnt do that page redirect thing it does when it loses connection 3 drops a night would not be a big deal BUT when the connection drops and the page gets redirected my monitoring software refreshs and gets redirected to the NVG diagnostic page and then I have to point my machine back to the web server with the monitoring software. If It would just Not redirect I would be ok with it as is.



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Re: Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am (Same Problem)

aviewer wrote:

wiohio - What is the distribution in the house? Maybe you need double shielded coax or shielded cat5.

I did not read the posts to see what you have.

U-Verse default coax is tri-shield RG6.


Shielded twisted pair ( or "Screened Unshielded Twisted Pair") is rarely needed, even in businesses. If the shield is not properly implemented and bonded/grounded, it causes way more problems then it solves. Modern transcevers and the common-mode noise-handling capabilities for Cat5 and above are more than sufficient for 99% of any home or commercial applications.




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Re: Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am (Same Problem)

I would still encourage a fix of course but in the meantime the redirect can be fixed with rooting into the modem and configuring a 1-line change. Per forum guidelines (believe me I've tried), I can't post a direct article on how to root it. I believe the line is lan-redirect.enable.

There's also a few youtube walkthroughs.


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Re: Disconnects daily, between 9:30pm and 6am (Same Problem)

I am having the exact same problem , also from the Detroit area. I would really like to know if there is a fix for this, as I am now waiting on my 5th visit of a service tech. I have been told that no problems are found in my home, and that my line shows some errors intermittly , but not consistent enough to make a decision. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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