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Degrading internet speed


Degrading internet speed

Uverse Max Plus working fine for several years. Speeds were slowing down. After several calls to tech support (they "refreshed" my connection and it would work for a couple of days) I was finally sent a replacement gateway. It seemed to be fixed for a couple of weeks. We came home one day to find an ATT tech in the back yard. I'm pretty sure he was either high or drunk. He said he had to replace a bad wire (we have a pedestal in the backyard). When we asked if this would affect our internet he said "it shouldn't." He disappeared...we  go down. 2 days later someone comes out while we are gone and fixes the problem. Once again our internet performance degrades daily. Every day it's a little slower. It's not worth $200+ per month anymore. Anyone have any experience with Charter internet? 

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Re: Degrading internet speed

totally agree with you !!!! bad experiences!!!  Change it !

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