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Deceptive customer service

Deceptive customer service

New Uverse customer here, signed up last month. NONE of the incentives promised to me over the phone by the customer rep's supervisor ever materialized or are acknowledged when I contacted customer service today. My account has been suspended for nonpayment while waiting for a corrected bill.


Was promised activation fee would be waived, was promised $100 credit on my first month's bill. What should have been around $50 was instead $185 -- which I am forced to now put on a credit card because without an online account, I cannot access my bank services for billpay.


Any response from the stellar AT&T sales team? In my book, that's a bait and switch operation.

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Deceptive customer service

That $100 could be  the rewards card.  You have to be an ATT customer in good standing for a month to get the rewards card.     Take note that some sales reps can be  deceptive .    Prior  to installation I  have to make several phones calls and online chats to make sure that the service I was getting was what was stated  in the email sent to me.     I almost changed my mind about switching to ATT because there was something that I was not told when  I signed up but were it not for this employee in their Customer Care Support Department who was kind enough to help me I was ready to switch back.    Now I am glad  that he  had this problem fixed and I  am  happy with  the service   better than  competition.   


If Charlie's supervisor  in  Customer Care is reading this  please promote  him  to the next  level.


Also  if  that technician's  supervisor is reading the forums please give him a commendation.  His  name is Lois .  This young technician made sure  that before he left everything was working and I think he likes his job. I think he has a very promising  career  with ATT.

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Re: Deceptive customer service

No, I received the rewards card separately, and at least the second month's bill appears nominally correct (plus a late charge for the first bill). But the incentives promised over the phone never appeared, and I have no record of them to use in support of my case.

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Deceptive customer service

Did you get an email  from ATT about the services you were about to get when you signed up?   They sent me an email  prior  to my service installation.  And I saved the email.  

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Re: Deceptive customer service

Click on the hyperlink in my sig and you will be taken to the personal message page for Customer Care.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular CS who can help you get your issue resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and your concern.  Watch the little blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification.  As they will reply to via PM as well.

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Re: Deceptive customer service

Yeah they do that


One important question for you - have you already started the services? If you haven't, cancel everything and go online and order your services there. This has two advantages:


1. More often than not the deals you see online are better than what the reps will tell you over the phone. There are also online-only deals that the reps are not allowed to honor if you order through them over the phone.


2.  When you do complete an online order, you will get a summary of estimated charges which you can PRINT and keep. That way, if they every switch around and charge you a ridiculous amount afterwards (which happened to me) you always have a hard proof that you can send them and make a complaint until they honor the better deal.

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